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    New at Pvp - Farm Honor

    Hello, i am getting bored to PVE and wanna try some PVP.

    Im sure that some people already asked this but:

    Wich is the fastest way to farm honor?

    Should i rank Prestige or thats dosnt Mather at all?

    Gear is dropped only in Rated PVP?

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    Do pvp wq whenever they are up. At least do your daily bg and skirm (brawl also when available) for honor and ap. If you want to grind bgs, maybe set a daily goal for yourself, like 5 wins per sitting. If the week is bonus bg/skim event, get to grinding. I'd also recommend rbgs. I casually do them and arena on the weekend for rating and fun. I stay away from ashran, even when I have a class hall quest for it (blizz trolling), but you might like it.

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