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    Mod application form seems out of date or no longer applies

    Just look at this in the moderator application form.
    "Participate actively in the forums, both reading and posting. Encourage and facilitate discussion."
    "We know that you have other commitments and won't be around 24/7; that's okay. We just ask that you give a reasonable amount of time."
    It's understandable that someone might not post much in 3-4 days, but there are holes of weeks, months even YEARS between posting. You provably fail to enforce it for the moderators. Then what possible hope and trust could we have that you reliably enforce rules on us?
    Here are some last post dates from moderators 2017-05-15 (this is a mod who apparently should be moderating and participating in many subforums, so maybe you're overworking that one if he/she hasn't posted since May?), 2017-05-10 (same mods previous post before that was 2016-11-06), 2016-08-30, one posted today but prior post was 2017-06-28.
    You're not even able to apply to forums if you don't have a certain activity in them, but it seems that if you make moderator that kind of requirement disappears and is only for the actually application.

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    Moderation on this site is a joke anyway. Some moderators are okay, some aren't. That being said most don't follow any real rules per say and instead infract on what they *feel* is right and wrong.
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    No. We actively review the activity of moderators and their participation in their forums. There's a lot of different reasons why someone's activity might fall off for a bit and we work with them on it. Also due to different forums having different amounts of activity in them the minimum posting levels for different forums are set at different levels. If you want to complain about a certain Mod not being active feel free to PM us about it. We have the tools to actually look at things in detail.

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