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    (H) 909 Destro Lock LF A Guild. (Unique Work Schedule)

    Ok so first thing ill delve into is that my job is an alternating week schedule. Example: I work Sunday,Wednesday,Thursday this week, I am off those days next week and work the other days and just repeat that. So if you may know of a guild or refer them to this post that can accommodate that schedule it would be much appreciate.

    So to delve into my wow history a bit. I had played and raided since Icc till Highmaul sometimes casual sometimes hardcore with some breaks in between. Now I just don't remember what progression i had what or where anymore but I didn't like WoD and quit till Legion Raided a bit in EN with some mythic progression but work got in the way and had to stop again for some time. Now that I'm in a more stable position just the odd work schedule looking to get back into the raiding scene. Yes i can pug on the pre-made finder but its just not the same when its new people every week to me.

    So as for times of the day raiding when i work its 7pm est to 7 am, and im not to fond to do anything when i have to work the next day either. So really im looking to raid on days i have off. Which then i can do anytime but would prefer 5pm est - 5am est start time. Sorry for the cluster of info but its a odd situation again.

    Armory https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/ch.../arthas/ichiru

    Btag - Ichiru#1518

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    Hey Ichiru, I'm from the Horde guild <Screaming for Vengeance> on US-Kilrogg/Winterhoof. We run a casual heroic raid team - raids are Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-9:00PM PST. Currently we are 4/9H. We are not a mythic guild by any means though... I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for, but maybe our "RL > WoW" approach will appeal to you.

    We don't have strict expectations of our raiders like using runes on every pull or 100% attendance, but we expect everyone to understand the fights and not be jerks. If you want to know more, check out our site at sfvguild.com or talk to me on bnet - Force#1275

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    <Monstrosity> is a Horde guild on Blackrock that raids Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm-10pm PST. We also do Sunday as an optional day with the same times.

    We are looking for players that want to clear Heroic Tomb of Sargeras at an easy going rate while also having a good time doing it. We clear all of normal and the first 3H every week. We have no intentions of going into Mythic for awhile.

    If you are interested, we ask that you follow these simple rules:

    -Don't be an a-hole, d-bag, drama queen, or debbie downer.

    -We understand real life stuff happens. If you can't be there, it's ok. But when you are able to make it, we do expect you to be on time and ready to raid.

    Anyone interested can contact:

    FiL#1538 (BattleTag)

    FiL#5488 (Discord. Best way to contact me)

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    Hi Ichiru,

    After reading your post, I think that Free Reign (A)- Tanaris would be a good fit for you. We are a friendly, semi-hardcore raiding guild. 4 hours of weekly raiding lead to focused, motivated runs while still allowing time for RL, or other in-game content. Two raid groups allow members to play at their own level, while running their alts on the off days.

    Raids: 8/9 H ToS, 4/10M NH
    Th/M: 7pm - 9pm CST (2 raid groups)
    W/Sat: 7pm – 9pm CST Casual/Alt (Casual/Alt)

    All are welcome to join the guild on a trial basis, but for placement on our raid teams please contact Drathen#1342 or Justintuck#1424 in game to set up a trial raid. I hope to hear from you soon.


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