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    Misery in M+

    So is Misery a viable option in M+ or do we just stick with Mindbender as a cookie cutter? It sure looks like a viable option, I've always been a fan of stuff that reduces global cooldowns necessary to get going.
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    I haven't used it because I prefer Twin's ring and I try to focus on high lvl M+. But I believe it is viable, especially if you are using chest lege for some reason. I think mindbender will still be better when every trash pull is around 1 minute long. Someone who actually uses Misery can correct me.
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    Just depends on your group and dungeon level.
    I always play misery, even on tyrannical, as I rarely do dungeons above 15.

    Trash packs always die within 1 voidform, rendering mindbender useless.
    Bosses usually only allow for 1 mindbender usage, not warranting using it imo.

    I would honestly specc PI before I'd use MB in dungeons atm. I think misery is the way to go, but again, it really depends on your group and dungeon level.

    As Ripali says, if the trash packs ususally lasts for about a minute, minbender is definitely the way to go.
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    I'm not such a skilled SP, so I take whatever I will be raiding with to build up the muscle memory.

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    Using MB for the +14-15 only if it's tyrannical, always use Misery otherwise.
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    Depending on instance for me.
    HoV / BRH / DHT if its +10-15 depening on setup i run misery, otherwise bender. And then i just try to pop bender conviniently and pul more trash or something to keep my stacks high.
    +15- > Always bender, irrelevant what instance.
    Have in mind that what kind of groupsetup you run affects. If you have people with high trash dmg, its kinda irrelevant will u run misery or not. Sp is strong on bosses both Tyra and Fortified and bender helps you there more than misery when bosses last from 1min -> 3 min on tyra. Thats 3 VF cycles which should result +1mil dps with current gears.

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    For this week in NA use Misery, it's Teeming Fortified week, it's all about that DoT cleave

    I'm thinking San'Layn might even be better too, need to test.
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    I don't push keys higher than 15 or 16 and I run Misery in every dungeon, with rare exceptions for Tyrannical weeks in dungeons that are pretty heavy on single-target bosses or pulls. Trash and bosses in mythics just don't last longer than a minute or so, and Mindbender is just not useful when fights don't last 2 minutes or more. What is useful is halving the ramp-up time for every aoe trash pull, that's a significant amount of damage you're getting. Since trash pulls are relatively quick even on Fortified weeks, it allows you to get into Voidform faster, get your stacks higher, and pump the deeps. I also have an AoE gear set I hit a button to put on that includes the leggo chest, because each Void Eruption tendril hitting for 550k is preeeeeetty fucking nice. It means every GCD you spend putting up dots will mean an extra 1 million burst, non-crit. I routinely outdamage the actual burst aoe classes on regular 4-5 mob pulls, and I can end bigger and longer pulls at something like 2.4m sustained. Like the one pull in HoV, post-first boss at the top of the stairs - on Teem/Fort weeks it's like 7 mobs that last a while, fucking no one can touch me. And the reason is because of Misery allowing me to get my shit going in half the time. Without Misery, it takes an extra 7 GCDs of ramp-up, or a monstrous 10-11 seconds, while your teammates are blowing shit up and you're not.

    So yes. Misery is good for mythics. I loved it from the moment I first read it, and after months of using it I've only grown more fond of it. It's probably my favorite talent of all time.

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