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    Thumbs up New England Patriots Owner Purchases OW Legaue Franchise

    First of all, Overwatch is an amazing game. Probably one of the best shooters of all time. So, don't take me for not being a fan of the game.

    But this is pretty damn awesome. We are getting NFL franchise owners buying Overwatch League franchises. The HYPE is REAL for getting this thing off the ground.

    I can see Overwatch being the #1 eSport in the coming months and years.

    Here is a list of the other owners and the teams:

    • Boston, Massachusetts, owned by Robert Kraft
    • New York City, New York, owned by Jeff Wilpon
    • Los Angeles, California, owned by Noah Whinston
    • Miami–Orlando, Florida, owned by Ben Spoont
    • San Francisco, California, owned by Andy Miller
    • Shanghai, China, owned by NetEase
    • Seoul, South Korea, owned by Kevin Chou

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    Will they cheat too?

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    lemme guess, you're a falcons fan?

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