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    Positioning in PvP as a Monk is Everything

    Recently i have been playing Monk in random Battlegrounds and after many games of pure frustration, not knowing what to do, i realised:
    "Positioning is Everything"

    You are probably thinking "DUH! Mister obvious" but for me it was a big realisation and maybe it could help other fellow Monks having much more epic games

    As o Monk you are not able to tank or use cooldowns that let you be in the frontlines. Or what i also like to call "The Clash".
    On "The Clash" you have to soak AoE damage from the enemy frontlines PLUS the damage from all the enemy Ranged Classes.

    Monks are perfect "Duelists" and Kings of 1v1's and 1v2's
    Because your "Touch of Karma" (your main defensive cooldown) is only useful to soak 50% of your Health...and you don't have cooldowns to soak damage from different sources. Only Fortifying Brew, but that is not enough to tank all the different sources of damage from "The Clash".

    What can/should we do?

    1st Observe the situation and let "the clash" happen. Basically Warriors, Paladins and Deathknights on the front and ALL Ranged classes on the back attacking eachother.
    As soon as you see a enemy (max 2-3 enemies) diving YOUR backline this means they are outside the range of ALL the enemy ranged classes.
    The enemy ranged classes are all far away attacking the frontline or "the clash".
    This is where a Monk shines!
    Attacking targets out of position and far away from enemy ranged classes. Imagine yourself as a "personal bodyguard" of the backline.

    You will have much more success in Bg's if you are always observing and waiting for this oportunities to happen. You are only good on small Brawls

    Thats all i wanted to share, sorry if i am Mr. Obvious.
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    I quite often find myself searching for that 1v1 or 2v1 in BGs as a monk, or if playing objective I play super supportive in form of locking down healers and putting insane burst on kill targets / flagcarriers.. I also love flag carrying myself on him, placing port outside flag room and then grapping flag, porting out, and serpent kick all the way to safety

    Monks are a lot of fun to play, but dont expect to be another melee mongo brawling through a clash of 5v5 melees going ham on each other!

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    Don't forget about dropping Transcendence before every fight. It's powerful tool to escape fight or lose enemies' line of sight.
    I finish 70-80% of random BGs with 0 deaths, first place in honor kills/honor gained by utilizing monk heals, ToK and mobility.

    You can get easy kills every 90 seconds with ToD+lineup of all abilities and 8 second stun.
    Transcendence also is a very powerful tool to carry flag from heavily guarded spot in Twin Peaks or to bait people to jump down when you stay with flag on the roof in Warsong Gulch.

    FSK is a great tool for traversing water surface.

    In Kotmogu you can put transcendence behind pillars, jump down and then port back after scoring kills or in danger. Also you can bait people to follow you down and then port back.

    When I see some warrior or DH tunneling our healer/casters I start to annoy them with paralysis-3 roots in a row-stun-paralysis.
    When you have some DD from your team near you and you chase resto druid (or some mobile FC) who constantly reshifts just spam Disable every GCD while your ally kills druid.

    When you get ToK from enemy monk, wait 2 seconds and then ToK them back ans start DPSing hard to return all damage from ToK debuff to enemy.
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    I made a PvP Commentary Video showing how i play Monk
    warning: Bad english, bad microphone and i'm still a noob Monk so i don't do all the combos perfectly
    (so many buttons to press make me confused )

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