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    [Holy] 4+2 or ilvl?

    My guild is about to start mythic progression in ToS and i would like your opinion on the following question:

    Would you choose 4 set from ToS + 2 set from NH or higher ilvl?

    In my mind 4set (Holy Words more often) would work very well with 2 set (bonus on Holy Word: Sanctify). Sadly tho to make this happen i have to sacrifice ilvl - the 2 pieces i could currently use from NH are 895 shoulders and 905 chest. If i get ToS shoulders it would be 905 chest and 900 head piece.

    There is also the downside of not being able to wear the legendary cloak. So in 4+2 scenario i would be wearing Prydaz and Velen's. If going the ilvl route i would wear X'anshi and Velen's.

    The stats with current available gear would come down to:
    4+2 = 32% crit, 20% haste, 38% mastery, 5% versatility
    ilvl = 29% crit, 19% haste, 35% mastery, 5% versatility

    of course the stats might improve on obtaining better gear in ilvl scenario. Generally i am aiming at 40ish % mastery and as much crit as that allows.

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    Would love to hear your thoughts!

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    Holy's nighthold 2pc is insanely strong; IIRC it is equivalent to something like +15 ilvl. Someone made a chart for it, should be posted somewhere on the h2p discord.
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    I'd honestly rather use xanshi and t20 4pt. if you have the ring and maybe velens then it might be worth trying that with 4pt 2pt, but your limited in your legendary combos when you want to use all 6 armor slots for tier pieces.

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    I use 4/2 when I go Holy, which is mostly for M+ and don't have the legendary cloak. So having that extra healing is pretty helpful. For raiding, if you have the legendary cloak I wouldn't worry about 4/2 and just go with ilvl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heathy View Post
    I'd honestly rather use xanshi and t20 4pt. if you have the ring and maybe velens then it might be worth trying that with 4pt 2pt, but your limited in your legendary combos when you want to use all 6 armor slots for tier pieces.
    The ring is pretty garbage for raiding tbh, if anything you'd use prydaz+velen with the 4+2 piece combo.

    The cloak is amazing for some fights and mediocre on a few others, with high emphasis on progression, soaking or very long fights where 23s freecasting and an extra pot is wanted. Don't get me wrong, I used it on every single progression fight in NH and currently play shadow, but I wouldn't say it's necessarily say it's best in slot on every single fight.
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    Cloak gives so much utility being able to die without dieing (which also resets your pots). It allows you as a priest to solo soak things you wouldn't otherwise dare. It also lets you use Augment Runes like candy because if you play smart it'll rarely ever fall off even on wipe nights. On Mythic Demonic Inquisition I didn't have to go purge the corruption just die and get rid of it, one less add for the raid to deal with, etc.

    Anyway, point is, I'd rather cloak than 4+2 but if you don't have cloak 4+2 is probably good to consider.

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    If you want to go for maximum output, 4+2 is advisable. For legendaries, I would choose a Prydaz & Velens. Everyone seems to cling to their cloaks tightly, and for good reason. But if you want absolute maximum output 4+2 is the way to go. At the end of the day, though, choose what you would rather play with. I enjoy my cloak because it feels good, and I can still put great numbers with or without it. Like I said though- do what you, yourself, enjoy.

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    Considering how strong intellect is, only go for 2+4 if you have some serious titanforged t19, or very bad replacements from ToS. I would not wear t19 ilvl 905 stuff over 945 stuff.

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    I'd only consider 2+4 if you have some very high tf t19 pieces, or your replacements are shit. Exactly as the previous answer.

    The 2pc was strong yeh but overall not worth clinging to if you're missing a tonne of int you could've got from far higher ilvl pieces.

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    Not worth replacing legendaries that block tier slots.

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