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    Best way to try and unlock everything

    I like to try and unlock everything in a game, I've got about 5k shards. Was wondering do you think I should unlock everything in the portraits, emojis, voice lines, sprays, banners and, announcers. So I earn the duplicates then for those items and earn extra shards and then only have to worry about skin/mounts , or just save my shards for a long time then try and unlock everything. Only have like 5 more heros to unlock and would probably only take around 5k to unlock everything in those sections that I dont have, other then the skin/mounts.
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    Things shard for a fraction of their crafting cost, so first up that's a terribly inefficient thing to aim for.

    Just unlock what you want when you want it. There's no "faster" way.
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    a) To minmax, you conserve shards. Buying an item for x shards now and then winning it via rng leaves you with the item and down (3/4 x) shards. Compared to just winning it via rng leaves you with the item and no shard loss.

    Can't resist to add:

    b) The game isn't static. Blizzard adds junk faster than you fill your collection unless you are prepared to spend the equivalent of a used car on pixels.

    c) And you really don't want to 'unlock everything'. The appeal of the 8th ugly Tracer skin in a yet another garish tint cannot possibly be underestimated.

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    Technically, the fastest way would be to wait until you have enough shards to buy everything you have left, and then buy it all at once. This reduces the chance of getting duplicates after having bought something, which is a significant net loss of shards that could have been saved. Problem is, there are so many things to buy, it might take a ridiculous amount of time to get to that point, and the amount of shards saved could potentially be minimal with good non-dup RNG. Kripp tried to do this with hearthstone golden cards, and saved up for I think over a year and was almost at the point of buying everything, but then blizzard introduced un'goro with a bunch more legendaries and the dream became impossible without spending a couple thousand dollars on card packs.

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    I have over 15k shards currently and I bought a lot of shit before 2.0, and I don't think I could ever unlock everything without spending a ton of money. You're not meant to unlock everything.

    Your best best is to probably keep buying gems and putting them into the 62 loot boxes. If you spend enough money, you'll unlock everything eventually.

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    ya its impossible to get everything

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    Like said best "way" is to not spend anything until you can buy everything left at once.

    But that's impossible. New things always comes out, you'll never have everything.
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    Best way to get everything is to get into HGC and get a tournament account :P

    Apart from that - its either impossible, super expensive or just unnecessary . There are a ton of skins / mounts / sprays that you'd probably won't even like.

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