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    random BG - any other hating random bg these days?

    I dont pvp often.....every now and then i use to like to do random bgs....every time a new one was released play it until you get all the achs.

    Now with all those honor achs....i dread entering a random bg. Its not a win or lose thing. Its all the roots and snares...every where...every class, it was never this bad before.

    I honestly hate it, the game play of it. For the first time ever i really can't stand bgs as a hunter.

    Am i the only one? If your having fun, why, can you explain maybe i can tap into what your doing.

    This is in terms of random bgs, not rbg and not arena.

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    There's definitely too much cc in the game at the moment, almost every class has 2 ccs on different diminishing returns, they decided that giving frost mages roots on different diminishing returns again was a good idea (they learn nothing from cata it seems). Damage is also through the roof, 100-0 within one cc is quite common.

    The only way to win is to join the retardation, I just spec lone wolf as marks and nuke people with 1mil aimed shots

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    As a marks hunter, it's lots of fun if everyone ignores me, and not so fun otherwise because I feel MM is completely useless outside of being a glass cannon so you may as well build for it. If the opposing team is mostly incompetent and lets you nuke things, you can do a real lot of damage.

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