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    Special Achivements Farm Group


    I want to try to organize groups for doing the special event achievements that exist in Overwatch.

    Some of them are extremely hard to do in unorganized groups, so I figure I try to get a pre-made group going for some of them.

    Obviously they are only available when the event is up but I figure I already start looking for people to add (who play actively) to be fully ready.

    The next event is Halloween as far as I know, that has achievements that is.

    HOWEVER, as the Summer Event is the first to make a return, it MIGHT have upcoming achievements that weren't there last year. The event is a few weeks away so I try to find people who would be ready for them IF they exist.

    Write here if you are interested in Summer Event OR for future events. I have no special requirements, as long as you are a decent player who can use VOICE programs AND who is dedicated and not afraid to spend a few hours getting them!

    The known events with achievements are:

    Halloween (October)
    Snowball Event (December)
    Lunar Event (Year of Rooster/Other animals) (January/February)
    Uprising Event (April/May)

    I play on European servers!
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    I'm afraid I'm not overly interested in joining in, but thought I'd mention that in the latest vid on the PlayOverwatch channel on youtube I believe Jeff mentions that there are achievements associated with Lucio Ball during the Summer Games now. If he doesn't, I've seen it mentioned in regards to datamined stuff. There's also gonna be a competitive variant of Lucio Ball this year.

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    That's what I feared I never liked Lucioball or Rocketleague

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    Got all Summer Event achievements!

    Looking for skilled and dedicated players for Halloween event! Yes I'm early, but through experience, it's always nice to be early rather than late!

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