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    Which spec do you like best?

    I personally like the Frost spec. The abilities granted to that spec. I love them.

    What about you guys? I just want to know what spec you like and why?
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    How about all of them?

    Frost is the coolest of the lot (no pun intended), Unholy is the best mechanically, and Blood is the most satisfying to play.
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    I like unholy the most but usually play whichever does the most dmg.

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    I want an "all of the above" option, too, 'cause I love Frost for its fast pace, UH for it's mechanical complexity with the resource juggling plus visually it's arguably the most DK-y DK, and Blood is simply a very elegant tank, plus it's always fun to be able to tell a healer "I got this, go babysit the dps" lol.

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    Blood feels the most fun right now because you're now more immediately impactful. You can burst out cool things like using Dancing Rune Weapon to go up to full Bone Shield charges in one swing, use it to put three Blood Plagues on all targets, and double-Heart Strike cleave while everything is in Death and Decay. Generally speaking, the changes to BB and DnD this expansion made it a lot better, as you no longer have to afflict the diseases, then spread them, and then boil, or even wait for DnD to come off cooldown -- it's just, boom, boil, done. And it's great.

    Ramping up as Unholy doesn't feel fun. Making ghouls, having Clawing Shadows, and using Epidemic is fun, though.

    For Frost, Frost Striking for runes and getting Rime procs is fun, but the talents really aren't.

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    I really wish I could just make a "dps" or "tank" dk and use flavors and abilities from all 3 types.

    Regardless UH gets my vote.

    I've always enjoyed "mage knight" type characters and the dk class as a whole fits this well, with UH being the best fit of the class. Not to say I don't enjoy blood or frost as well, but of the three UH is the top, though I do dislike the abomination, rather a straight undead rather than a 'crafted' one, then again I dislike dual wielding as frost so eh.

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    I was a fan of Blood DPS back in Wrath

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    NECROTIC POWAH! (unholy)

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    Don't get me wrong then NAILED unholy this xpac . Reading zombies and shit and a killer sword that looks amazing. Herald of pestilence is probably the coolest looking sword they ever made. Bone rotting flesh and flies and shit. Bonereapers is dope too. MG style smash every spell that lights up is fun though with icy talons attack speeds. A true blender or death!

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    The Lightbringer
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    Still like blood.

    But honestly I think Unholy is one of the best examples of the class reworks they put in this expansion. The artifact and the way the spec plays feels amazing, and the visuals are incredibly cool. Don't get that confused with balance though, there are times when Unholy was dumpster, but that's simply a product of tuning. Visually and mechanically, I think unholy is one of the best feeling specs in the game right now. Which means I can't wait until next expansion when they change it again and ruin it.

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    Blood and Unholy.

    I think their the ones that feel close to the fantasy. More unholy in my opinion, but blood comes petty close. I all, i don't feel frost is translating the feeling of cold warrior, the fact that is so squish feels like a ice cube near a fire. But bias is bias we all have right?

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    Blood > frost >>>>> unholy

    If only blood still had a DPS role....

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    Unholy = Blood >>>>>>>>>>> Frost

    Frost is by far the most boring and simplistic specs of the 3, talents are uninteresting and badly designed (Glacial advance, BoS) or just boring like Obliteration. it also doesn't have enough CDs, too much passives wich makes the rotation way too simplistic

    The visual effects are cool tho, but that's it.

    Blood is a ton of fun, especialy in M+ and Unholy is probably one of the most interesting melee spec in the game atm

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    I wish blood dk could do dps like wrath...
    However I'm strugling between frost and uh. I like the uh complexity and frost speed. Talentwise unholy is awesome. Frost has BoS( i like the talent, its an awesome ability but I would redisegn it or make it baseline to become balanced and replace it with something that gives better mechanic to the simplest spec ingame)
    Uh can choose between interesting talents. Ramp up and slow starting is my main concern with it.

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    I just recently picked back up my DK after abandoning him during Cata at level 84. So far blood is the most interesting tank both thematically and functionally. Frost has some potential so far, although i'm a bit disenchanted with another dual wield spec. I normally don't care much for pet based classes but unholy seems interesting as well. DKs have always since its inception been a very fun class all the way around with the best starting zone too this date. I'm really looking forward to making it to 110 with this class. Oh I don't have a favorite just yet.

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    Frost 5eva.

    The gameplay of Unholy right now is not bad (though there is a lot to track), but i do not like pets and find the fantasy... Not good.

    Blood is great but preferred it in MOP/WOD

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    Blood by far. It's a combination of the unique utility, good mechanics and the self healing capability. Only downside (which is same in all DK specs) are the dreaded mobility. But hey I guess it fits the fantasy.

    Unholy is just not fun for me. Sure it also has good mechanics with some in depth and variation in talent tree and legendary wise. It has way too much ramp up to make it an "explosive" spec which I usually prefer. And the buggy AI of the valkyrie is just horrible.

    Frost without the BoS playstyle is a joke. Machinegun (see Obliteration) spec is the most mind numbing thing I've tried during several expansions. Sure, the animations are really well made but that's about it. On top of that way too many passives. After playing for some time it gets old though, you simply press what lits up on your bar and the CD's doesn't really feel powerful or have complexity/unique use to it. I really did enjoy playing frost in NH though, it had way more depth with the potential long breath (similar to S2M SP). It felt really strong and had it's clear niche (2-3 target cleave) Now it is just meh. And T21 bonuses looks like a snoozefest.

    I made the decision to join the bandwagon and reroll rogue going into ToS (actually raidleader wanted one more rogue so I volunteered). Even though Sub was a bit OP in raids (pretty balanced now) and still pretty much broken in m+, it is just way more interesting to play and has explosiveness/depth/complexity and potential compared to either DK dps specs.

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    Unholy, hands down.

    Ever since Death Knights came with WotLK, I have been primarily running a DK and the Unholy spec has always held a special place for me with it's ability to summon and control Undead.

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    Unholy is not only the best designed spec for DK, it's the best designed DPS spec period in this xpac, IMO.

    Almost all other DPS specs, including Frost, were massively pruned to being incredibly boring.

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    After maining a hunter for nearly all of my wow time, I'm finally sick of pets. Bliz just cannot get them right. Thus, UH doesn't do it for me.

    Blood is best, imo

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