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    Help with Prot Warrior dps

    I need help with my dps as a Protection Warrior. I notice that my dps is around 300k when it should be a lot higher. I'd link my armory, but I can't post links, so you can armory Ríggers (alt code 161 for the i) on Nagrand-US. Have only one rank of Concordance, as well, and my ilvl is 913 equipped. If you can't be bothered looking at my armory, here's some information:

    15 Shockwave
    30 Inspiring Presence
    45 Renewed Fury
    60 Bounding Stride
    75 Indomitable
    90 Vengeance
    100 Heavy Repercussions

    Helm: Titanic Onslaught Greathelm (920)
    Neck: Beleron's Choker of Misery (890, Mark of Heavy Hide enchant)
    Shoulders: Titanic Onslaught Pauldrons (940)
    Back: Cloak of Growing Mistrust (910, +200 str enchant)
    Chest: titanic Onslaught Breastplate (900)
    Wrists: Exo-Mesh Capalform Armplates Mk. VII (890)
    Hands: Titanic Onslaught Handguards (900)
    Waist: Rethu's Incessant Courage (970)
    Legs: Lava-Slough Legguards (910)
    Feet: Sabatons of Unchangint Fate (890)
    Ring1: Band of Dark Millennia (900, +200 haste enchant)
    Ring2: Malefic Inquisitor's Ring (905, +200 haste enchant)
    Trinket1: Archimonde's Hatred Reborn (970)
    Trinket2: Royal Dagger Haft (885)

    Crit: 21%
    Haste: 25%
    Versatility: 11%/6%
    Mastery: 33%
    Leech: 3%
    Dodge: 3%
    Parry: 22%
    Block: 27%

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    Switching Indomitable for Devastator is your easiest DPS gain. Click button, get a big chunk of damage. I prefer Avatar to Renewed Fury, but that's probably not going to increase your dps by much.

    I would also swap crit for, well, anything else. I like to stay above 30% haste especially with Vengeance. Whenever Im under 28%, I feel like I press buttons then wait 15s for everything to come off cd. Crit is nigh useless. Yes, it increases dps. But it does nothing if everything is on cd and thus you're not hitting anything.

    BTW, special characters in names are terrible.

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    75 Indomitable

    As said, this right here is costing you a bunch of dps. Not sure where you are with legendaries (noticed you have the BoE belt so assuming this is a reroll/offspec) but the gloves will also hugely increase your single target damage. For aoe, you'd want thundergod's (belt) paired with booming voice/anger management, and take best served cold (insane on M+ and Mistress)

    Ditch royal dagger haft too, it's trash. if you can afford it get the Darkmoon deck and boost it with obliterum to 900.

    Try to shoot for 30% haste and 45-50% Mastery (easier said than done i know), with devastator it's a significant gain and even moreso when you get the gloves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by j0ust View Post
    75 Indomitable

    As said, this right here is costing you a bunch of dps.
    Worth mentioning that not having Devastator is not only costing him a large chunk of dps, but also survivability.
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    If you're looking to get the most out of your DPS, spec into Devestator, as the others above have mentioned, Booming Voice, and Anger Management.

    Also, replace that Royal Dagger Haft with a possible Str statstick if possible.

    When I'm going full DPS, I use Chrono Shard (880) with the Skorpyron cleave trinket (Dungeons mostly).

    The talents given will get you a larger amount of burst, and will give you a much shorter CD on Demo Shout/Battle Cry, which will in turn get you more dps. It will give you much more rage as well, and when combined with the ToS 2pc/4pc will be even stronger.

    Note: Demo Shout is important because it's an offensive CD as well (given our weapon traits), not just defensive. Just wanted to clarify for OP in case he wasn't aware.
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