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    Please review my H Goroth kill


    Would someone please review my Goroth kill? AMR thinks I should be doing around 940k on this fight, but I struggle to get what I got. My legos and gear are limited. Thank you!

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    Don't use AMR. Your ED uptime is low. You're not doing the correct weaving rotation. For example, during lust you were casting SW>LS>SS when you can fit in an additional global outside of lust. During lust you want to, at minimum, cast 2x LS. The correct weave rotation outside of lust is SW>SW>LS>SS at 24%+ haste. You missed a bunch of moon spells. New Moon replaces a SW and Half Moon replaces a LS in the weave rotation. Here's more info on weaving with ED.
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    I have a similar problem albeit without the ED. Since we are at very similar gear levels maybe my logs might help both of us.

    Even though I did higher dps than you did, I know there is room for improvement. This was not the best combat I had but, it was fairly good. For my gear level I should be doing at least 950k on this combat. I mean I would conider myself good if I could increase it 950k. But that 100k is very elusive. I compare logs with similar gear boomkins but usually they end up doing way more starsurges than me. What do I do wrong? Thanks all.


    I just did a simcraft check and with the gear I used in above combat and with little movement scenario I should be doing 1.117k dps with a whopping total in the range of 220mil damage. (1117 k x 200 sec) I ended up doing 178mil. I'm willing to accept 200 mil = 1.000k dps
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    Looks like you could plan your movement better and as a result optimzed casting. This seems to be a group wide issue though so I imagine several people are creating issues for the others.
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    I also compared your log with mine. What I can notice:

    You used only one prolonged pot. You must use second one with second Incarnation.

    You combat was longer but you used Incarnation less. Uptime is %23.30 vs mine %29.11 You could have possibly used it a 3rd time in a 4+ minute combat. Maybe on the very last 10 secs or so but still its an increase.

    You were very lucky and had 17 Concordance procs. I only had 8 Use them wisely and try to cast as many starsurges as possible in that period with increased intellect. Also try to combine that with Mark of the Claw procs (higher crit + concordance int = WIN) I use mastery enchant to avoid following procs of it as well. It is a dps gain but I really need to arrive first to where sims say I should do about 1100k on a fight like this. (I rarely get over 900k) Then I will try to squeeze out that 40k dps from it.

    You cast 46 SS where I did only 34. Proportionally you did more SS. (46 divide by 257 sec your combat time x 206 = 36,8 the number of starsurges I should have done) I dont understand how every boomkin out there casts more starsurges than me. OK you had the ED I forgot. But still even im my sim with light movement it says 41 SS. How the fuck I can only do 34. I need to figure this out.

    You only cast about 3 moon cycles. Based on your fight length that should have been 5 to 6 each or more even. I have 4 Full and 5 Half and New moon each in a shorter combat.

    My sunfire and moonfire uptime sucks becasue I really tried in this specific combat to cast more starsurges especially in concordance or Incarnation uptimes and let it fall. Yours is near perfect. Probably you are a healer MS like me so keeping dots up feels natural like rolling reju.

    Aaand yes I was dead for the last 22 seconds. Now that I calculate, if I wasn't dead I could have done another 20 mil.

    I have really been trying to be a good dps for the last few months. I healed all the last 10 years so its hard to adjust to "damage" feeling. Any help from more advanced boomies is appreicated.
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    Agree with Tyrven. The other stuff is good advice but your main problem is movement. If you zoom in on the points where your dps graph is particularly low you'll see long periods 10+ seconds where you're not casting anything at all. You need to watch the timers and when movement is coming save up your AP to fire off starsurges while you run. If starsurge is not available spam moonfire instead. So cast starsurge or moonfire while moving. If you're moonfiring think about what you could've done to make starsurges available to you for next time.

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