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    BM question about [Tome of Unraveling Sanity]

    Hi everyone

    I got a mythic mission cache and my reward was a [Tome of Unraveling Sanity] 945 ilvl

    My other trinkets are [Tarnished Sentinel Medallion] and [Cradle of Anguish]

    Sims tell me to go Tome + Cradle (930 version)

    in addition i also have a arcano 860 and a stats trinket 2600+ agi with 1296 mastery.

    I guess my "MAIN" question is how do you play with Tome? you just launch it with Bestial Wrath?
    Or should you save it for targets that are about to die such as desolate mobs or harjatan, name it for longer uptime on the 8% crit

    Or simply stick to medalliion / cradle

    Some ppl tell me to drop cradle for my 860 arcano trinket (does not sim higher)

    Eitherway i am going pretty mental about this and I was hoping my 945 tome was not a "waste" xD

    This is mainly a question for raiding purpose, because in mythic+ it feels medaillon is just great to burst down bosses, its crazy

    Any tips?

    P.S ppl are negative about cradle cuz you lose the stat so quick, such like maiden mythic, but it also stack so quick up though ..

    Thanks in advance
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    cradle assumes 100% uptime in sims so do with that information what you will.
    Arcano is strong but 860 vs 945 will be cutting it close.
    The tome is a bit tricky, on a single target fight you just use it on cd unless you have big cds coming up (BW for ex) but you dont delay it so long that you lose a usage out of it.

    If there are adds you want to try and maximise the crit buff uptime, so it depends on the fight. If adds appear every minute then you want to try and use it on one just as it's about to die, if adds spawn sporadically (KJ) then you want to use it on cd until you know the adds are arriving.

    Will be a lot of trial and error as not every situation is the same but you want to maximise the uptime of the buff (as you'd expect)

    Medallion is ok, it's fairly decent on demand burst but the stat it gives isn't usually the one we want and also other trinkets provide more damage overall

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    using Tome + Medaillion together seems not to bad?

    you can use medallion trink on pull and 2x tome before next medaillion, i know 30 sec cd and i do not rly see ppl using it together
    but it sounds good :P for now

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    Generally speaking Sentinel Medallion is the highest damage increase on a single target, Tome is good with many little adds (drop it on them when they're just about to die), Engine is probably the most stable trinket in ToS while being random in nature. Cradle is only good on fights where you don't face any constant damage which in mythic are generally far between eachother.
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    Right now I am using Tome and Medaillion together. Ppl say its rly bad to use 2x trinkets together. But when I open with bestial wrath and medaillon, and my 2nd BW is rdy it lines up with my 2nd trinket (and on some fights with adds to get the buff up). I rly like this idea and the 2 trinkets like this together. And since 1 trinket is 2 min cd and the other 1 min cd, it does not rly effect that much right? since you gotta wait 30s anyway for next. Or am i missing something here or calculating wrong? My only other option right now is Cradle. So today i did a heroic/mythic raid with this combo and it felt great to have tome/medallion.

    Comments and feedback also welcome though

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    The problem with 2x on use trinkets is the 30 second lockout which will inevitably mean you lose usages of one of them.

    On the pull for example when all of your cds are up, you cannot use both.

    and whenever they come off cd within 30s of each other you have to delay one trinket.

    It's a bad idea

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    I agree, just had a great log on goroth heroic, but thats probably not cuz of that, thanks!

    - - - Updated - - -

    is 2 use trinkets that bad?
    look at https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports...pe=damage-done

    or is that rly RNG ? ând illvl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenake View Post
    I agree, just had a great log on goroth heroic, but thats probably not cuz of that, thanks!

    - - - Updated - - -

    is 2 use trinkets that bad?
    look at https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports...pe=damage-done

    or is that rly RNG ? ând illvl

    31 stomps in 2:24.
    Around 21% haste, so about ~10 sec CD on dire beast. That means he got 15 standard (140/10 +1 due to one extra charge on pull). He also got 16 procs in a 144 second fight, averaging out to a proc every 9 seconds. With his 2.46 attack speed, 50% OWTP chance, and 9500 crit giving him around 33.5% crit, that should realistically be a proc every 6 auto shots (3 shots for 1 crit, 2 crits for 1 proc), or happen every ~14.76 seconds, on average. He did have Aspect and Trinket not overlapping though, so that's 14+12 = 26*2 = 52 seconds out of 144 with 10 and 8% more crit respectively. Let's be generous and average that out to a nice, fat +3.5% average buff (it's WAY less, as there's less than 33% uptime on the two combined), putting him at 37% crit. That'd make it 2.7 shots per crit on average, or about one proc every 5.4 shots - or every 13.284 seconds (resulting in 10.8 procs over the fight).

    Realistically, he got 5-6 tomp procs more than his gear should have given him, when everything's mathed out. He was getting procs akin to someone with ~50% crit (which makes sense - his auto shots had exactly 50% crit rating, where as they should have been closer to 36-37% when accounting for Aspect of the beast+Trinket's 8% crit). In fact, everything but his stomp is "above average" when looking at the crits.

    So yea. Yea, that's RNG at it's finest.

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    Ty for pointing that out ^^ guess i try with another trinket next time. And ye figured it was more RNG / luck and good gear then anything with 2x use trinkets


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