We are currently looking for a raiding guild with a strong social side.

Blood DK (925) and Holy Priest (907)/Holy Paladin (928) depending on team setup. We have concordance on all characters and 4/9M ToS experience.

Many guilds now seem very raid-driven which is great, but many also seem to have lost any social interaction outside of raiding or are full of cliques who find these strange, new people scary and difficult to adjust to.
We miss the days of being invited onto voice comms to do dungeons (mythic+ now) or to play other games for fun, somewhere that actively aims to make new recruits feel welcome - so it would be great if we could find this again.

What we are looking for:
  • We don't really care what your current progress is, although it would be great if you were clearing heroic each week.
  • Preferably a guild that does other things outside of just raiding i.e. plays other games and sits on voice comms having a laugh.
  • 2-3 raid nights per week, raiding after 20:00 server time.
  • English speaking and Horde
  • We want to play our main specs, so you must have room for us as a tank and healer.

It is for the reasons mentioned above that is it very important to us that we find the right guild, therefore we are willing to server transfer.

If you are interested in having a chat with us, please add this guy: xbrmat#2496

Thanks and happy recruiting!