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    Stuck at 900 itemlevel


    I'm stuck on itemlevel 900 on my shadow priest. The reason is that my rings and neck are 870 but they give an insane amount of haste. I have a few higher items with higher itemlevels but none of them give any haste. With these and food buff I have 35% wich is quite good I think but I'm just not getting anything that has the same or nearly as much haste as my current rings. Do you have any suggestions at what point should I give up on haste and just take the higher itemlevel stuff?

    On the logs I had quite good parses but my damage overall compared to others was quite low...


    Thanks in advance.

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    buy the crafted neck and ring with haste/crit and upgrade to 900 via obliterum

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    Like Styx said, buy crafted jewelry. You understand your stat priorities from what it sounds like, but that neck is gross. You also have only one legendary on, so I'm assuming this character is super new.

    Dawnlight Band gives you guaranteed haste, with a second stat. You can hope for a god full-haste ring, but most likely you'll want a Fireflash with more haste than crit.
    For a second ring, you can craft a Prophetic Band, which has crit and hope you get haste as a secondary stat. Or just keep the Fused Coral ring and aim to get a better one out of Kil'jaeden LFR/Normal or other M+'s that you do.

    Same thing goes for the Blessed Dawnlight Medallion, only the stats are completely RNG. You can either play the RNG game with paying someone to craft a bunch in hopes of getting a Fireflash, or wait until you see one on the auction house.

    The benefit of the crafted items is that they all come with sockets, which is great. Because jewelry doesn't have intellect on it, generally you can get away with lower item level on these in favor of itemization.

    One other thing to point out however is that you really need a better Trinket. The haste stat stick is decent enough, but that pvp one is cringeworthy. I hope you have some luck on Desolate Host for a Thurible. Terror from Below (Sassz'ine) and the Tarnished Sentinel Medallion (Sisters) are also good out of tomb.

    Also hope and pray you get Sephuz as your next legendary

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    There is gear out there but it is a bit of luck with the drops I guess.

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