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    Nooblet question

    Probably a super easy question. I am playing as Frost. Is it ever worth it to stop casting Frostbolt to use brain freeze or fingers of frost procs? Or should I complete my Frostbolt cast and then use the procs?

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    wait and cast when Frostbolt finishes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hisholyness View Post
    wait and cast when Frostbolt finishes
    Thanks! ABC's is always the rule.

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    Actually, you NEED to cast a frostbolt before using your brain freeze proc

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    Never cancel casts. Always frostbolt into flurry into ice lance, if you have a BF and FoF proc up at the same time and your already casting frostbolt, just munch the FoF, BF procs are more important not to munch.

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