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    Fury: How many targets to AoE?

    Rotation question that i didnt find answered elsewhere.

    At how many targets do you start using aoe as Fury without it being a waste? Thanks in advance

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    Have a look at the Fury guide, its pinned to the top of the warrior forum. Its on the "Rotation" part under "multitarget"

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    Any fight that has adds that die relatively quickly and spawn periodically you wanna take War Machine for sure. As far as cleaving "multi-target" I wouldn't run Wrecking Ball or Bloodbath with less then 3 mobs. The lego belt is also a big help if your running Wrecking Ball.

    I hope this helps.

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    Check the guide, but in short: on 2 targets only WW to make your rampage cleave, on 3 targets replace FS with WW and on 4 targets replace RB with WW, unless you have t20 4p, then just stick with the same rotation as on 3 targets, as in: BT, RB, WW.

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