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    Every bit of new lore and story bits. I love the warcraft lore so much.

    Also for the giveaway ... US servers

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    Other than Argus i guess it would be the Netherlight Crucible

    EU servers

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    US server. good luck all.

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    Honestly I am just excited to see the story move forward and to be on a new planet facing the legion!

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    The netherlight crucible. EU

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    Just standing on Argus and look back to Azeroth
    It's incredibly awesome
    Ragnaros (EU)
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    Looking forward to the nether light crucible, I just wish there was a little less RNG in it. We've had more things come in to this expansion that make decisions on whether to equip a new piece, or bid on it in the first place, more difficult than ever but things were supposed to be more easy. I would welcome the return of reforging at this stage.

    That said, good luck everyone. EU server here.

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    Argus - a whole new world in one content patch!


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    of course argus and something new to do! EU Servers

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    Second Chance..... here.... we... go.. Good Luck. (EU Server).

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    Argus invasion for sure! EU

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    Looking forward to exploring Argus! ;D


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    Waiting for the Netherlight Crucible!
    (EU server)

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    Going to Argus! EU

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