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    [Resto] UI Question/Need Suggestions

    Hey y'all. So, recently I got asked if I'd be willing to go Resto to fill a raid slot as we transition into Mythic. I've tried a few different UIs to varying success, but mostly they've just lacked something I wanted, or they were too busy (or I couldn't get them to install properly >_>). The included picture is what I've got now. It's not pretty, but it's ok. I'm fairly new to druid healing, and I've been sort of overwhelmed with all the Resto Druid WAs that I've been seeing, so I'm wondering if y'all can shed some light on what I absolutely need to do well, UI and WAs.

    I've been looking at Torty Resto WAs (https://wago.io/4korniYem), and it seems like what I'd need, but I don't know. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Was in your same spot when tomb launched. A lot of healers were gone and had to set up my resto spec.

    I use healbot as a healing addon. There are alternatives: Vuhdoo, Grid, etc.

    For WA, I find the wago ones either too crowded or too lackluster so I made some myself.
    I displayed all the major cds: tranquil, innervate, incarnation, ghanir, flourish and ironbark.
    For healing spells I added: efflo expiration icon, big lifebloom reminder, swiftmend cd, centarion ward duration.
    The rest of spells cooldown are ether intuitive or so common that my internal clock knows when they arebl available such as barkskin and curse removal.

    I also recommend to use this logs analyzer since it is a graphic analyzer for healers and will help you and your raid mates a lot.

    It shows you everything you could improve in your gameplay.

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    Hey fellow RDudu

    Try using these WA, I have been using this for awhile and simply love his WA.
    It has everything will need as a Tree.
    I make use with these WA Vuhdo as i find it very easy to customize



    Have fun exploring and learning what fits your style

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    If you want to use WAs in a good way, you will need to adjust them for yourself. While there are many good WA packages, you will see, that you don't really use all the info they provide/you need to reorder them to your liking/you'll need to adjust when they are displayed etc.

    My WAs are divided in 2 groups. One is a standard cd/progress display in the middle of the screen. One is a display at the mouse cursor (lb progress with bloom window/sm cd-charge/dispell cd/cw ready/ww cd/gcd). This works for me, but would be suboptimal for many others.


    On the right side you can see the half cricle cd display at mouse cursor position. The wa in the middle looks a bit weird because of the empty spaces, but many icons only display when the spell is on CD otherwise they provide no info and that's why they are hidden.

    @Hygeia Out of curiosity--> Why are you using two raidframes?
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    My favourite healer setup includes Shadowed Unit Frames, with the raid setup in the bottom middle (where people usually put their action bars)
    Now with Bartender, have your action bars invisible if you know all your keybindings, or, just simply place them at the side and resize them down.
    Along with the addon Clique (a very nice healing addon, allowing you to mouse-over a raid frame and press your heal button. The best raiding addon for healers imo) this allows a nice transition to your Ui having easy access heals to everyone.
    I adore Quartz too and can be placed above your raid frames or wherever

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    I use Grid with various grid addons so I can see my own lifebloom, rejuv, germination, WG as colour coded and countdowns. That with Clique for mouse/key casting them quickly.
    Add the raiddebuffs grid addon and side/corner status indicators and you can get so much info in a small amount of real estate with grid.

    I use Bartender4 and have Quartz so shows cool down times.
    Add to that some WAs for other stuff and I find it pretty simple to track what I am healing, times left on MY heals and when big CDs will be available.

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