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    Power Word: Shame, 40yd Range, Channelled 10min cooldown.
    Ring a bell continuously placing shame on your target making them vulnerable, whilst vulnerable all targets within a 15yd range receive 15% increased damage (Based on HP) from emotes and yells, stacking up to 10. Cast this again at 10 stacks to become, Full of shame, increasing the limit you can shame targets to 30yds, and increasing damage taken by a further 20%

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    Black Void - Similar to Mind Bomb/lock talent. Instant cast, 30 secs CD, after 2 sec, target's mind explodes creating a Black Hole. Does Explosion + Splash Damage. Leaves behind a Black Hole (Giant Sphere of Insanity) that does pulsing damage, targets closer to the center take more damage. Targets affected by DOTS take increased damage.

    Also have a talent row specifically for AOE - Halo, Shadow Crash, & Mind Sear (sexier buffer version obviously)

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    Singularity (45sec CD?) (30yd AOE) - Pulls mobs towards the centre slowing their movement and draining their sanity, increasing your insanity generation by # per mob, Any Dot applied is automatically placed on all mobs within the circle. While Singularity is up Mind Sear(Now Baseline) is now channeled directly from the caster, mobs inside now pulse (#)percent of applied dot damage from each mob. (Sustained AOE)

    Void Form mode: Quantum Singularity (50 Insanity Cost) (5yd AOE) Collapse a Singularity with all mobs inside dealing x amount of damage (Burst AOE)

    This would both provide ease of cleave outside of Blood DK mob gathering as new Utility for the class and add to the flavour that has started since Legion. Visually this would look quite like those black holes that seem to be eating away at Mac'aree.

    I honestly feel that they will build more upon Void theme and this would reward good use and preplanning the singularity in an area where mobs spawn from. They get sucked in and you enter void form and detonate.

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    What if they changed the mind sear ring to spread vt and swp to ALL targets within 5y when you deal damage with mind flay while not in voidform.

    That would make us competitive in M+ I think.

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