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    lolcats. great troll thread brobro

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    Looking on how many posts are on pvp treads and considering the 80/20/5 rule I can say they nail it with legion changes, specifically with templates and honor talents, as well as pruning.
    At least based on this assumption and blizz current engagement efforts with "pvp like a pro" series, you can imagine what is left of player base.
    I'm reading from time to time both US and EU bg forums and there as well you can count on one hand the number of people with relevant posts.

    Irrespective we get rid of rated (which I support if we return to real winning rewards, not changing color to your trousers), this wont be even a drop that can turn up the pvp degradation spiral that started after MoP.
    For all the players who love pvp only, legion brought nothing, actually took a lot. No purpose for pvp guilds to do any world activities, raid cities or any mass pvp. On pvp realms pvp players are at disadvantage against pixels killers ... and the list is so long.
    If you dont find any fun in arena, then there is nothing else to do in wow pvp, except maybe ganking mid map in bgs or on wquest areas, for whoever enjoy it.
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    lol toxic masculinity, let's just say that you are bound to find cowardly fuckwads in anything competitive.

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    Why wasting time to post if you dont have anything useful to say? buying attention that you miss in real life?
    I cannot relate a word of what your saying to the topic

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    Why would they remove them?? This post smells like someone can't get a high rating but wants the rewards.

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    They shouldn't remove it, that's just silly. They should never have balanced PvP around it though. PvP should be balanced around Battlegrounds and World PvP like it was in Classic.

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    No, of course not. That's ridiculous.

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    Every time I see something pvp related It surprises me that it's still a thing. That said why remove something that clearly some group of people enjoy if it costs almost nothing to maintain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulwell View Post
    When you make something up on the fly
    It is not "made up". There was an interview with Rob Pardo a few years ago, and he said that the second biggest mistake Blizzard made was adding arenas to the game. The biggest mistake was not being prepared for the volume of people wanting to play WoW when it originally launched.

    Aside from all of the technological errors like having too few servers at launch to keep up with the demand, Pardo thinks that the single greatest mistake as far as design of the game is concerned was the choice to introduce competitive "e-sports" into the game via Arenas.
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    Thing is, WoW Arena was a huge esport draw seven something years ago.
    Then a lot of unneeded things have been added to the game, and we lost a lot of what made that so special. Cataclysm did the game no favors, and neither did MoP, as much as I loved the expansion, as it brought the game to a point where the prune was needed.

    Still though, the game's resources have been veered away from structured PvP, and only recently are we seeing some attention by Blizzard's side to a scene that survived almost completely on the shoulders of the community who organized tournaments and such.
    To this day, ArenaJunkies is completely dead.

    So no, removing arenas is not the solution.
    The solution would be more engaging classes, stepping away from the cooldown-centric gameplay, and a huge fat balancing pass on each and every spec, ignoring the feedback of the community barring extreme cases.

    And I may add aswell, nice rewards for the casual to try and step into the arena, so that there's something to gain for everybody in order to get better and not to promote mediocrity.
    I'm all for an even playing field, but excellence should have better rewards, better skins, something that makes the difference. Or there's no point in trying to improve and the ladders stay desert.

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    I'd say it's as important and akin to the mythic race 1st kill is to all other raiders. High ranks are bragging rights and puts you into a very small percentage of WoW players. It's there for a very small population, like that mythic first race - but they keep it in and make a out of it.

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    why in the hell would they? What is the logical thought behind this question?
    They would kill a good portion of their community by that singular act, even with RBG's still as an option they just aren't as popular as arena. There is absolutely no reason to do this, if you don't like arena. Don't arena. If you aren't good enough for it. Practice. If you don't want to practice and learn well you're missing out on a huge aspect that revolves around life

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