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  • See fire works.

    2 8.33%
  • Go to your favorite amusement park.

    1 4.17%
  • Camping.

    2 8.33%
  • Visit a favorite scenic spot.

    2 8.33%

    3 12.50%
  • Other (comment below.)

    22 91.67%
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    It's over already for me, nights are freakin' cold!

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    Until I am able to find a parking space in this town flooded by tourists. I would say November.

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    I dont know really. I just spent 10months in Denmark and now going to Ireland, so no idea when the summer ends.

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    Summer ain't over 'till nuclear winter starts.

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    That and the country fair.

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    ...until I have to wear a sweater. Which is like, December usually.

    My body is a nuclear furnace. It is rarely cold enough for me until the dead of winter, like single digits.

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    September 20-22, This year it's September 22nd.

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    Summer is over when I have to put a wet suit on to surf...or the damn roads get traffic again.

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    Summer pretty much ended the second the kids went on summer holiday. Been raining ever since.

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    Summer never really started in denmark this year, we had the worst month of july in 38 years in terms of weather - not a single day above 25C and rain more often than not.
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    No summer ritual here per se. I'd like to make "attending a road course event" a ritual, but am sitting out this year.
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    I live in the UK, we don't have a summer, so it's fine

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    I'd settle for any of that. I work damn hard and live a relatively spartan life, scrimping, saving and going to school so I don't have to do this shit forever. so I guess my summer's end is marked by the autumnal equinox.
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    My summer ends when I pack the rugrats (well, only one now) off to school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimbold21 View Post
    I dont know really. I just spent 10months in Denmark and now going to Ireland, so no idea when the summer ends.
    Did it ever start???
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    I mean, this entire summer bar June has been nothing but mediocre weather. Not bad but not exceptional for summer either.

    Summer ends when all the "Back 2 school" advertisements pop up everywhere.
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    West Brom are creeping up on you.

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    Other: Autumnal Equinox

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    I'm able to go outside without an umbrella and not melt.

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    When I go back to school

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    Oct. 1st. For myself, there are 4 months of Summer ( June 1st - Sept 30th. ) 2 months of fall ( Oct. 1 - Nov 30. ) winter is 4 months, ( Dec 1st - March 31 ) and 2 months of spring ( April 1 - May 31 ). Makes a lot more logical sense here in this part of the world versus the official 3 months of each season.

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    Summer ends when football starts.
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    Meant Wetback. That's what the guy from Home Depot called it anyway.
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