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    Quote Originally Posted by Tauror View Post
    Right now, they are attacking Rupert fucking Murdoch because of Bannon.

    It's funny when hyenas start to attack each other.
    I think we should talk about this.

    Murdoch urged Trump to throw Bannon out, Breitbart attacks Murdoch, but Murdoch > Bannon by far, since old Rupert is the chairman and CEO of Fox News.

    The hosts of Fox News' newest major show have been slamming Trump all week

    On Monday, host Eboni Williams blasted Trump for hesitating to denounce white supremacists explicitly, saying he was "all too happy" to benefit from and "tacitly encourage" individuals who hold white supremacists views.

    "Mr. President, your initial response was cowardly and dangerous, and they warranted a second statement," Williams said.

    She added: "I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. I can no longer do that, Mr. President. No more benefit, all doubt. In a moment where you could've been crystal clear where you stand on the issue of inclusion, standing up against white supremacy and terrorism, you very clearly chose to be ambiguous and to equivocate. All sides, Mr. President? Please."

    Williams monologue quickly went viral, getting space on the homepage of right-wing aggregator The Drudge Report.
    Host Kat Timpf, a libertarian and stand-up comic, has regularly pushed back against some pro-Trump guests over the president's factual inaccuracies, as well as some of his jingoistic calls for foreign intervention.

    But following Trump's press conference, Timpf offered one of her bluntest condemnations, noting that it was ironic for Trump to urge restraint in this instance, but rush to judgment himself when there were instances that appeared to be acts of Islamic terrorism.

    "It's crazy for me to have to comment because I'm still in the phase where I'm wondering if it was actually real life what I just watched," Timpf said. "It was one of the biggest messes I've ever seen. I can't believe it happened."

    She added: "It shouldn't be some kind of bold statement to say, 'Yes, a gathering full of white supremacist Nazis doesn't have good people in it. Those are all bad people, period.' And fact that that's controversial, I don't know if i should just laugh. I have too much eye makeup on to start crying right now. It's disgusting."
    Coincidence or conspiracy ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slinkypoe View Post
    Coincidence or conspiracy ?
    That's the thing: what Trump said/did was so incredibly indefensible, it's impossible to tell. You could grab a random GOP member off the floor and he'd have more than likely said the same thing. It was just that stupid.

    Like, imagine saying "okay, we have to frame this guy for murder" and get ready to sneak into his house, only to see him standing over a pile of six dead hookers dressed as the clown from IT. At that point, you can just accept that you won.

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