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    Hyperx vs Razer

    Which would you say is better for a mouse, keyboard and headset?
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    Hyperx Cloud headset has been the best headset i've had.

    Never had any other Hyperx Product though.

    Every piece of razer gear i've bought besides the Naga (mouse) and the Sphex (mouse mat) has been a worthless piece of crap. I don't recommend any other mouse from them, or any keyboard.

    Steelseries for keyboards, Logitech for mouses, Hyperx for headsets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seefer View Post
    Which would you say is better for a mouse, keyboard and headset?
    I use a Razer headset, Razer Blackshark
    Steelseeries mouse, Rival 300
    Buy also a Razer Naga and DeathAdder (prefer Rival 300 tho)

    Had a Razer KB but the Corsair KBs are just insanely nice.

    Mousepad? Razer Destructor 2 is AMAZING!

    They are all good hardware and should choose on personal tastes and form factor/comfort

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