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    931 Ilvl Shadow Priest LFG

    Topic says it all. Please leave your info below and I will get in touch with you.


    Log available upon request

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    <Vile> Mal'Ganis [US] Horde Guild Open Recruitment!

    katemoss#1364 [Guild Master]

    Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/defm0nk/

    Recruitment Needs:

    Currently recruiting all classes and specs to expand our raid roster for both of our 20M Weekday and Weekend Raids! We are looking for passionate individuals who want to slay dragons a few times a week. We raid because we love the game and want to find like-minded people. We believe in team play and solid individual performance. While your raiding resume might be cool, we care more about attitude, what you can actually do in the moment, and what you bring to every single raid night, than your past accomplishments.

    Raid Times:

    Dream Team 20 Man (Mythic)

    Days: Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

    Times: 9:00 pm -12:30 am Server (CST)

    Loot System: EP/GP

    Team Awesome 20 Man (Mythic)

    Days: Friday and Saturday

    Times: 8:00 pm -12:00 am Server (CST)

    Loot System: EP/GP

    PVP Needs:

    All classes interested in Rated BGs, World PVP, Arenas and random BGs


    Everyone should have knowledge of the PvP maps and install the BG targets Add-on.

    Normal and Heroic Modes:

    Any and all Interested In running as a guild to get extra gear for our Mythic Raids. These will occur typically at 5 PM CST before our regularly scheduled mythic raids. If the majority of the raid still needs Heroic then we will do Normal at 5 PM and if they do not we will replace Normal with Heroic.

    Mythic Keystone Dungeons Needs:

    Players with knowledge of the fights and difference between both heroic and Mythic modes. Your gear set for the Mythic Mode is gemmed and enchanted correctly. Mumble should be installed.

    About Us:

    Well we are a current content progression Raiding guild social and friendly to others, We have a sense of Humor and Like to send jokes back and forth, With that being said we are a mature Guild environment and have A lot of helpful people in the guild with almost anything! We do look to make sure people wanna play this game and not have us play it for you! We have been around for a while and have the stability to offer you as a member!

    What We Can Offer You:

    [li]Active guild with lots to do on a server with a great economy![/li]

    [li]Fair trial selection process![/li]

    [li]Friendly and helpful players![/li]

    [li]Live Twitch streams during raids[/li]

    [li]Repairs and potions and flasks for Raiders![/li]

    [li]Stability of a Guild that has been around since 2010![/li]

    How To Get In:

    First thing to note all of our spots are competitive for any candidate, and will remain so to keep a steady and active roster for our teams!

    There are a few ways to get in! If you currently reside on Mal'Ganis message anyone in the Guild at any time and then get in touch with an Officer. Also you may add our B-Tag and get in touch with us VIA in game whisper and set up an interview!

    Still not sure? Check out our Live Stream on Raid nights!

    ***Note now if you are on a different server currently and plan on finding a new guild we do offer a cross server trial before you decide to transfer. With this being said alliance can also faction change before transfering to see how our Guild suites your needs and yours ours.

    katemoss#1364 [Guild Master]

    Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/defm0nk/

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    Still looking for home.

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    Hey nikolbolas (sweet name by the way, I wish Hour of Devastation was a little better of a set tho),

    <Ring of Outlaws> is 5/9 Mythic looking to add exceptional players to our roster.

    Our previous accolades include 10/10 mythic nighthold prepatch (2 lockouts prior to Tomb release)

    Our raid schedule is T/Th/Sun 7:30-10:30pst (10:30-1:30AM EST)

    Contact me at: Joeey#1873 or alternatively feel free to PM me.

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    5/9M 2 nights/week Tues/Wed 8:30-11:30PM EST
    Guild since vanilla.

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    We're currently looking for a few good dps. If you can swing mornings, here's our spam:

    Exiled From Hell is a morning/daytime/afternoon mythic progression guild that has been raiding on Runetotem (Horde-PvE) for the last 8 years. Our aim is to progress through the most challenging content at a competitive pace in the time slot most convenient to us. Our members come from all over the world, and from all different kinds of backgrounds. We take the 12 hours we spend killing dragons seriously, but we still want to have fun.

    We raid from 10am to 2pm CST (-6 GMT) Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

    Our current progression: 3/9 M Tomb of Sargeras!

    We are always seeking to add exceptional players to our roster!

    Contact: Lunar#1634

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    Hey there, Will leave you our guild "spam" if you are at all interested message one of the btags listed below!

    Premonition 4/9 Mythic US Magtheridon

    <Premonition> is a 20 man semi hard-core raiding guild on the Magtheridon server, horde side.

    Current Progress:

    World: 1889
    US: 647
    Tomb - 4/9M
    Nighthold - 10/10M
    ToV - 2/3M
    EM - 7/7M

    Raid Times:

    Monday: 9:00 PM - 12:00(EST)
    Tuesday: 9:00 PM - 12:00(EST)
    Thursday: 9:00 PM - 12:00(EST)

    Please contact Btag - Ludacris#1776, Limeyman#1556, or Revaro#1513 in game with any questions and to start the painless application process.

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    About Us: Adelante is a pretty tight knit group of friends who have been raiding together for years now. We've been an established raiding guild since Vanilla! Always out to have fun, we're quite laid back and always joking around outside of raid (and usually during raid, tbh!), but once we pull a boss we focus up and are intent on progression. If you're a social butterfly we've usually got people on in Discord willing to chat it up!

    Raid Schedule: We are currently raiding Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 7PM to 11PM Eastern time. On off nights if we've got the people we will occasionally wrap up some normal or heroic raids we didn't get around to during scheduled raid nights.

    Current Progression: We are 8/9 heroic Tomb of Sargeras.

    Loot Distribution: Loot is dispensed through EPGP.

    Recruiting: At the moment we are specifically looking for ranged dps and a healer. Since Tomb of Sargeras dropped, we've run in to a lot of players hitting burnout and have lost a lot of players. You and your friends are all welcome to apply!

    What we Expect of You:
    1. Know your class! We do not expect everybody to be parsing #1 on Warcraft Logs, but we do expect you to be competitive!
    2. Minimum item level of 905. We understand that with the way stats are at the moment that some lower item level gear is going to be better than higher item level gear, but at the same time with a little bit of effort you should be able to make this requirement.
    3. Show up to raid on time, prepared with any consumables needed, and having done the research on the fights we are intending on working on. (And the next one or two, just in case we get some surprisingly quick kills!)
    4. Have a positive attitude and the ability to get along with your fellow raiders!
    5. Maintain as near to 100% raid attendance as possible! We understand that sometimes [email protected]#$ happens, or you have a family gathering. That's cool, just let us know what's up so we can make any adjustments we need to! That being said, if you know for a fact that you can only make 1 of our 2 days on a regular basis, or if going to the bar on a spur of the moment whim and skipping raid is something you're bound to do, then maybe Adelante is not the guild for you.

    What you can Expect of Us:
    1. We know OUR classes, you will be raiding with players who know their %^-* and take it seriously.
    2. Pretty much all of what we expect of you!
    3. If (god forbid!) 12 people can not make it to the raid, we'll go in with 10, or as many as we have, and do Normal or Heroic clears. We'll always make sure to do something that is progressing the characters of the people who were able to make it.
    4. Plenty of crude language and jokes. Plenty.

    Contact Info: If you have any questions, go ahead and add me @ TuxedoMask#1712 or whisper Sepsis, Cancel, or Fatmanpanda!

    If you've gotten down this far, I'd like to thank you for showing interest in our guild and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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    <Enrage> is currently looking for more people to push into mythic ToS. We've raided each tier in mythic and want to continue doing so.

    What you can expect from us:
    We provide a fun atmosphere. We are all a group of friends that come together to hang out each week and down bosses. Although, that sounds like a blast, we do get serious for boss pulls. We provide food, flasks, and pots (pots are on a discounted rate). We also have many members that do other things outside of our normal raiding ours. Whether it's M+'s, PvP, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, LoL, or just hanging out in Discord.

    What we expect from you:
    We expect you to be knowledgeable of your class. Prepare for new bosses (watching videos, proper addons such as DBM or Big wigs), 90% raid attendance, No Drama, and a positive attitude.

    What We Are Looking For:
    Our current needs are:
    DPS: We have a few slots available, range preferred.
    Heals: Priest or monk

    7/7M EN
    5/10M NH
    9/9H, 3/9M ToS

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday 7-10 Est
    Wednesday 7-10 Est
    Thursday 7-10 Est

    Loot Rules:
    Loot Council ( 2 officers, 1 random raider for the week, to keep it fair.)

    Any questions or concerns
    GM: Vurik#1549
    Recruitment Officer: Rab#11453
    Officer: Kayla#1893

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    We're Swarm on Thrall - 5/9M and we raid Tues-Thurs from 9pm-12 EST. We add Monday at the beginning of new content for the first few weeks. We've got a great guild atmosphere during raid that's second to none. I've been running the guild since Throne of Thunder so we've been around for quite a while. Most of our members have been here for at least a year as well.

    My btag is Traxion#1982

    You can catch my hilarious recruitment post here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/...4827367?page=1

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    Heyo - Our main shadow priest just took a break from the game. Very interested in talking to see if we are a good fit for you to fill that void! I'll leave our information below.

    <Reign>[Azshara, Azgalor, Destromath, Thunderlord] is a progression raiding guild with the goal being to clear mythic content completely, relevant to the current tier. Our guild is the result of two like-minded, competitive progression guilds that formed together to accomplish this common goal. Competition drives us, and we always aim to be one of the top guilds in our server group.

    We do not have a huge roster with our Mythic Core group and a small bench – offering a guild dynamic that is tight-knit, with an atmosphere that has developed friendships inside and outside the game.

    RAID TIMES: Tuesday/Wednesday 830-1130 CST.

    We offer an optional raid Monday as well from 830-1130 CST to finish off content from the week’s raid.

    Open Recruiting Classes: Hunter, Mage, Ret Paladin, Shadow Priest, Rogue, Elemental Shaman

    Note: if you do not see your class listed in the immediate openings, there is always a chance for a roster spot as all of our classes are competitive

    RAID TEAM: All our raid spots are competitive. If you want to join a guild where you can grow long-term with the players around you, as well as compete for raid spots with the common goal of downing mythic bosses, we may be the right fit for you.

    PROGRESSION: 3/9 M, 9/9 H ToS

    Thanks for reading and best of luck in Legion.

    Please add lettuceflow#1132 Smiles (GM) on bnet

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    <Dimensional> (9/9N, 9/9H) is an adult, Horde raiding guild located on (US) TICHONDRIUS. Led by seasoned raiders, <Dimensional> is looking to advance our raid progression team as we set our sights upon Mythic content. Our current roster has anywhere up to 15 dedicated raiders, and a handful of capable casuals; yet, we need more core raiders to add to our roster. We make it one of our guild principles to raid in a relaxed setting that is well-led and well-organized in order to promote an efficient and above all, progression minded environment; something, which we do very well and are proud of. Alongside the right fit and having our raiders be held accountable to their role and actions, progression raiding in <Dimensional> is successful and fun.

    We are looking for responsible and self-sufficient adults who enjoy progression raiding, in a semi-serious environment. Of course, a strong knowledge of class and raid mechanics are preferred. Below are our raid times and current needs for our core raid team. Please keep in mind we prefer recruits to have raiding experience and current logs available; but are certainly open to newer players who have the right personality and work ethic to become a great raider!


    Raid Times:

    Wednesday and Thursday
    6:30p to 9:30p server time (PST)

    Classes - in Priority of Need

    1. Monk or Paladin healer (High)
    2. Boomkin (HIGH)
    3. Mage (HIGH)
    4. Hunter (HIGH)
    5. Shadow Priest (MED)

    MELEE DPS: (MED-LOW, will consider all exceptional raiders*)
    HEALERS (MED-LOW, will consider all capable "off-spec" healers who are exceptional MS DPS raiders*)

    We encourage all raiders to actively maintain a capable DPS off-spec; unless, otherwise noted by leadership to have off-spec as tank/heals.


    If interested in joining us, please have recent logs available and any other information you feel may benefit your chances in joining our ranks. Anything that you can provide to cut out the small talk and help us make an easier and quicker decision on your recruitment process is greatly appreciated.

    Contact BruceBanner#1166, Dannie#1999 or Sauce#11936 for more information and to begin discussing how you can join <Dimensional> today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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    Vanquish of Firetree has been a community of friends and raiders for over 10 years now, and we are recruiting 2 ranged dps.

    We are looking for players who want a community where they can have fun enjoying all aspects of the game from Mythic Plus & Achievements, to PVP and more. We are in need of two ranged dps to help strengthen our roster for next tier. These are not bench positions but core spots we need to strengthen with the right people.

    We raid Tuesday 8:30 - 10:30PM EST & Friday 8:30 - 11:30PM EST with an alt/Normal run on Thursdays. We also do achievement runs and you'll often see other events on the calendar.

    If you are interested in our guild, we would enjoy running a few pluses with you or inviting you to our Tuesday heroic farm or Thursday Normal run so you may get to know us better.

    Add me if you are interested or have any other questions.

    My Btag: Ozymandias#1879
    Raid Lead's Btag: Aevali#1383

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    Hey there we currently have an immediate opening for a good shadowpriest. Our spam is below

    Raiding Schedule:

    7-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

    General Information:

    <Capital Vices> is a 20man Mythic progression guild on US-Eredar (Vindication/Chicago Datacenter). We raid on a relatively light schdeule and expect everyone to show the kind of dedication necessary to remain competitive. A council consisting of officers manages the guild and distributes loot based on role, performance, recent attendance etc for the sole purpose of downing bosses. CV has been stable and successful for over 7 years and we're happy to hear from anyone interested in continuing that tradition with us in the future.

    looking to add dps and a healer to our roster most things open

    current prog: 7/9M ToS

    10/10M NH pre guldan nerf

    Past Mythic Achivements:

    -Mythic Archi - US - #72
    -Mythic Blackhand - US - #57

    Past 25man Heroic Achievements:

    -Heroic: Garrosh Hellscream - US #46
    -Heroic: Lei Shen - US #46
    -Heroic: Sha of Fear - US #56
    -Heroic: Grand Empress Shek'zeer - US #63
    -Heroic: Will of the Emperor - US #79
    -Heroic: Madness of Deathwing - US #126



    Osank#1525 (recruitment/melee lead)
    Timmytomma#1399 (recruitment/heal lead)
    Mist#1230 (Raid leader/GM)

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    Welp here we go:

    <Toast>'s Team 7 raid group is 9/9H 3/9M ToS and looking for a couple more members to finalize our roster as we progress in Mythic ToS.

    We're currently in need of a couple melee and ranged dps; specifically Rogues, Mages, and Shadow Priests, but we will also consider exceptional players as well. Please have knowledge of the fights and be appropriately geared.

    We try to maintain a fun atmosphere during raids but will not hesitate to call people out via whisper. We do not tolerate raging.

    We raid Tuesday/Thursday nights from 9-12 server time (EST).

    Contact ToastemPopUp#1671 or IAmSpherical#1341 on bnet if interested.

    OR you can pretty much always reach me at ToastemPopUp #5876 on Discord.

    Thanks for your time!

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    LFR Certified is a Horde guild on the Dalaran-US server, currently looking for a few exceptional players to complete our Mythic Tomb of Sargeras raid group.

    We have been around since mid-WoD, and have a talented/dedicated core group; we're just looking to build on it.

    We are currently tied for 3rd most-progressed Horde guild on Dalaran: 2/9M - 5/10M - 7/7M - 2/3M

    Our primary raid times are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 8pm-11pm server time (eastern), with alt-gearing/normal/titanforge-chance raids occurring throughout the week, usually Thursdays. We also consistently run +15 keystones for 930 loot on multiple characters throughout the week.

    What <LFR Certified> has to offer:

    -- Guild bank stocked with feasts, flasks, and potions to supplement whatever you are lacking during our guild raids.

    -- Loot Council: Gear is distributed fairly based on tier-set-bonuses, best-in-slot, etc. basis, with the mentality that the raid/guild benefits as a whole before the sole-player.

    -- A consistent, but casual Friday-Saturday-Sunday raid schedule. We expect our players to also be consistent in being able to make those raid days/times. We realize that people have real-life things that sometimes take precedence, that’s no problem. What we’re not looking for are folks who can’t make every Friday, or can only raid half the night on Saturdays, etc.

    -- Knowledgeable, skilled leaders and fellow players. We are more than willing to work with you to improve your numbers if that’s where you’re lacking.

    We are currently looking for skilled Shadow Priests/Boomkin/Ele/Lock but are considering any qualified, skilled, and enthusiast applicants.

    To inquire further, apply, or just get in touch, please contact Nebeon (Nebeon23#1360), Fenreal (subideath#1877), or Jasny (Soar#1805), in-game.

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    I'm not going to spam your page with a full ad. We are 9/9 Heroic 1/9 Mythic ToS
    and run a limited schedule on Tues/Weds 6:00-8:30 Pacific Standard Time.
    Here is our ad post, contact me or an officer if you think we would be a good fit.

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    RyanT2112#1952 1/9 Mythic on a 3 hour schedule -- Thurs 9pm-12am ET just recently added Sunday as well same time. Established guild since 2004. =)


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    US-Thrall: Horde
    Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 9-12 EST

    About us:
    We are a newly transferred guild made up of close friends who are looking to clear end game content and kill mythic bosses in our spare time. We are looking for quality players to rebuild our core team for The Burning Throne progression. We understand that everyone has lives, jobs, and other hobbies/interests outside of Azeroth, so the number one thing we require from you is reliability. We do not tolerate people who leave half way through the raid or not showing up without notice.

    With that being said, we are a fun group of people who laugh, joke, meme, and ultimately.. we win.

    Goal as a Guild:
    To get Cutting Edge for the current raid expansion.

    Progression from our previous guild:

    Tomb of Sarg: 3/9M 9/9H 9/9N
    Nighthold: 10/10M 10/10H 10/10N
    Trial of Valor – 2/3M/3/3H 3/3N
    Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M 7/7H 7/7N

    Cutting Edge for both Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold.

    Current Recruitment Needs:



    Melee DPS:
    Rogue/Arms War/Havoc DH

    Ranged DPS:

    We are always in recruitment for exceptional players regardless of our current recruitment needs. Do not hesitate to drop us a line at any time!

    In addition to our raiding needs, feel free to apply as a social member for a more casual environment! Join us for Mythic+ dungeons and PvP.

    What We Expect From You:

    Be punctual! Be on time and ready to pull.
    Strong knowledge of your character.
    A mature attitude with the ability to accept constructive criticism.
    Have discord with a mic
    Geared to Raid Legion Content min 900 ilvl and concordance

    Communication and Loot Rules:
    We use discord and do require that you have a mic in order to communicate with the rest of the guild. We will be using M/L on progression nights and P/L on farm nights. Tier will be prioritized depending how much someone needs it.. ie: 2pc/4pc.

    How to apply:
    Feel free to add one of our recruitment officers on battletag or post in this thread. If there is mutual interest, we will set up a voice interview via discord and go from there.


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