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    Hi Friend,

    What you want to do is look into some VPN solutions. This is most likely the way to get the best ping possible.

    I live and work in Asia and play on the US servers. Without a VPN I get about 300-400ms. With a VPN I can bring it down to 170ish which isn't awesome but it is okay.

    Japan to US servers you would probably get 100ms without a VPN to Europe though...not sure but good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinrael View Post
    Hey guys,
    So I play on EU realms, and I'll be moving to Japan for a year at the end of September. Will I have latency issues? What options would I have?
    It depends on the location. I've used to live there back when I was an intern, and I had Sony Nuro 2GBS internet which it was pretty darn good. Prices are not bad either, like $40-$50 monthly. My ping was around 100-200.

    You can check them here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuji V2 View Post
    What is this supposed to mean anyways? It's not like he won't have any free time for himself and he is free to do however he pleases. He doesn't have to be sniffing culture for one year straight.
    well that sounds exackly like this - instead asking whats interesting to see where he should go he clearly plans to no life all evenings in wow - kinda sad but not unexpected from wow players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    Been there, done that. It's not as you say. Do not make assumptions about things that you have never experienced.
    And I agree with OP, he need to take a part of his "old life" with him, to keep him sane. And I'm serious.
    Please re-read and take the entire sentence in the same context. Ironically you yourself have assumed the part you quoted was not sarcasm. And yes, Whilst I haven't been to Japan hence my desire to, I *am* speaking from experience.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shinrael View Post
    Thanks, appreciated. Btw, there are various programs and scholarships, you might want to research about them on the net (well, if you're young enough I guess). I wouldn't be able to afford going to Japan either, but the scholarship covers it all.
    I am unfortunately not young enough. On the plus side I have complete control over where I go, the downside is the need to finance it
    Quote Originally Posted by Ion Hazzikostas
    LFR justifies the creation of more raid content when millions of players are able to see content. Only a few thousand people actually saw Kel'thuzad, but millions saw Deathwing. The reason Mists of Pandaria is starting with 18 bosses and adding larger raid tiers than we have had previously is because many players are going to see the raids through LFR.
    So Hardcore elitest raiders trying to get LFR removed are in fact essentially trying to kill off their own content!

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    I had no problems playing US servers from Japan (outside my internet heronet being crummy). Roughly 200 ping which good enough to enjoy some gaming. A VPN is still a must when trying to bank or access stuff from home though...

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    I started playing while living in New Zealand on Draka, LA data center with about 200 to 250ms. Moved home to Ireland, still on Draka and I have about 140 to 170ms. Played on Thrall for a while with 100ms since it's east coast.

    I guess for pvp is might be crap, I don't pvp so meh.

    I do not like playing on EU servers since I get 15 to 30ms. I keep clipping my spells since I'm so used to the "lag".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luckx View Post
    Have you tryed US servers instead? Ppl in Korea playing on US servers say that their latency is about 160-180.
    Yea I tried during Legion Pre-patch. Was around 100 to 120 ms If i remember right, so very playable. Never tried on an Oceanic server, but most people say it's around 70ish.

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