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    Thumbs up [video] Youtube rapper defecates on Donald Trumps's Hollywood Star

    Probably amusing and off-topic enough for this forum.
    Is Anti-Fascism Un-American?

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    Wow. He is so progressive!

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    I mean that was interesting but they're still stupid for doing it.
    Expansion leak claiming Legion is the last expansion
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    NO it will be me laughing at how you doubted this....
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    I was right

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    no matter how mad or upset i am at anyone, including Trump. i shit in a toilet..always

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    way to behave like a common animal.

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    What people won't do for some page hits.

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    Yeah this is too much. Way outside the bounds of civility.

    We can beat Trump without people acting like animals.

    Hell, Trump's doing most of the work for us.

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    I want my 2 minutes back.

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    That is a weak looking log from the preview lmao.

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    From rapper to crapper in fifteen seconds of online fame. Wonder how big the rap/coprophile shared interest sphere is - might he be just an underappreciated genius striking at a vein of market gold?
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