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    World of Warcraft: Age of Corruption

    World of Warcraft: Age of Corruption

    New Features

    • New Level Cap - 120

    • Seas of Azeroth - Journey to the new islands on your own personal ship. Yes, this is where Kul'Tiras will be along with new capital cities for both the Horde and the Alliance.

    • Corrupted Azeroth - You will come back to to Azeroth only to see it being engulfed in dark shadows and terror. Kalimdor and Easter Kingdoms will serve as the new overhauled leveling experience from 1-90 with the scaling tech in place and new quests to embark on. (Outlands, Northrend and Pandaria will be affected as well but only with scaling tech, no new content.)

    • New Progression - Craft your own weapons of destruction and imbue it with shadow elements to obtain new traits and procs.

    • Visual Upgrades - Old Azeroth will recieve huge visual updates similar to how Legion looks but with updated dynamic lighting tech, high-resolution textures and more thanks to the engine upgrades.

    • Races - New customization options, updated models for the Worgen/Goblins.

    • Sub-Race - Nightborne wil join you in battle against the Old Gods as the new netural race after the events of Nighthold and Suramar. They're a sub-race of the Night Elves for the Alliance and Blood Elves for the Horde.

    • Class Accessories - The WoW Dev team has been meaning to do these for quite a long time. Class Accessories are the next-step in achieving class fantasy. As you level up as a Hunter your quiver will start to change looks and look better and more elegant. Librams for the Paladins, Vials of Poison for the Rogues. These accessories will not take your gear slot or add any additional stats to you, but they will add a higher level of class fantasy. Killing a boss on mythic difficulty will reward you with new transmoggable appeareances or getting a certain achievement or completeting other random tasks in the world.

    • PvE - 10 Dungeons at launch and 3 Raid tiers throughout the expansion. Additional dungeons will be added via patches similar to how Legion was. Journey to Ny'alotha to face Yogg'saron, C'thun, I'llgynoth (once again) and N'zoth himself in the final tier coming later down the road. Queen Azshara and her Naga army waits for you in her palace in Nazjatar.

    • PvP - 2 New Battleground and Arena. World PvP comes back in a big way similar to Wintergrasp but with improved mechanics and newer tech that allows the WoW Dev team to do things they were not able to do before. Winning the battle will give you control of a specific area and open up special PvP World Quests that contain higher quality rewards as well as unique PvP World Bosses. These battles will occur in different zones in the corrupted Azeroth.

    • The Ship - This will be your new personal friend. Take it with you wherever you want, travel the islands and discover brand new places never seen before. Find secret treasures, embark on special ship quests and more. The ship will also be customizable both visually cosmetic and upgradeable both exterior and interior. Throughout the expansion you will be able to get new upgrades such as speed or better cannons to fight off the random naga patrols.


    • The Seas of Azeroth - Will serve as the new leveling zones to 120 and will contain max level content with new reputation factions, world quests and more.

    • Corrupted Azeroth - The ultimate new sandbox where you will spend majority of your time both as a newbie and a max-level toon. See the world once again with beautiful visual upgrades and more players than ever before. New zones will also be available that were previously blocked off. Find new rares, hunt treasures, complete new world quests, World PvP for control and meet new reputation factions here as well. Work towards long term goals to weaken the Old God's corruptions over a long period of time throughout the expansion.

      See old places like you've never seen them before and relive what once was a more of a peaceful place and nostalgia is now night and terror. The biggest theme of this expansion is to get away from a single continent and be able to travel around the world to seek out adventures and things to do and progress your character in multiple pathways.

      Key Characters

    • Jaina Produmoore

    • Alleria Windrunner

    • Sylvanas Windrunner

    • Turalyon

    • Magni Bronzebeard

    • N'Zoth

    • Queen Azshara

      Big Plot Points

    • Old Gods return - You're called back to Azeroth to wipe out the Old God's corruption and save Azeroth before it turns into a fully corrupted titan.

    • Old Heroes turn Villians (No, Jaina is not turning bad nor is she a Dreadlord)

    • Voidlords - Play a big part later on in the expansion

    • Sacrifice

    • Other Surprises

      Additional Information

    • No teaser or announcement at Gamescom. Gamescom purely focuses on 7.3, 7.3.5 and a tease of 7.4 similar to how Blizzcon teased Argus last year as the 7.3.

    • 7.4 will be the final content patch for Legion. 7.4 will not be another raid but a patch that adds a substantial amount of content, few surpries and will tie in the story elements leading up to 8.0.

    • 7.3.5 will be hitting live servers around Blizzcon time with 7.4 to follow sometime in January of 2018. There will not be a 7.4.5.

    • All your questions will be answered at Blizzcon 2017 because Jaina wants to say hello and seek out your help.

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    Lol...another leak that's probably fake.

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    Same stuff as everyone else just a different name.

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    I won't lie though..the ship and return of world pvp stuff sounds interesting I can actually see them doing something like that at one point whether this is real or not.

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