<Legion of Mad Fellows> of Proudmoore is a laid back, casual raiding guild that focuses on Heroic raiding as the main goal due to no longer able to be committed to the time mythic requires. We raid 8:30 - 11 pm EST on Wednesday and Sunday. Almost all of the guild has been playing since Vanilla . Due to this we are very relaxed and enjoy just having fun while killing bosses. The core of the guild has experience in sub 100 US Kills in past expansions but now want to take a relax approach to raiding.

We do try and organize Mythic + runs and accommodate having as many of the core raiders as possible to get 15s done. Those are held on off nights Thursday and Monday.

The current raid roster sits around 15 people.

On 07/23/17 I recorded all Normal ToS and uploaded them to youtube. Feel free to view all encounters if you are curious about the raid culture in the guild. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...981Y7C-W5Sgp93

Heroic Avatar First Kill video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f35AORgggWA

Current Tier Progression:
Normal 9/9 ToS
Heroic 8/9 ToS

15 Pulls on H KJ so far, all done 08/13/17. Best pull 41%!!!

Raid Times:
Wed/Sunday 8:30 - 11 pm EST

Recruitment Needs

We are in a need of another healer that can flex to dps as we make the move
towards a 20 -25 man raid roster. The current healing core is a Holy Priest and two
RShams. We would love a Disc Priest, Resto Druid, MW Monk or Holy Pally.

Hunters - ***Highest Priority Need***The current raid roster does not have any

Mages - High Need, currently only have 1

Rogues - High Need, currently only have 1 and he would like to class swap for Argus

Demon Hunter - High Need, currently only have 1

Ret Pally - High need

Arms Warrior - High need

Any other exceptional dps would be considered as we are looking to bolster the raid
roster towards 20-25 members

If interested in joining, please have a log to show me. I am not an elitist but there is no point in wasting each others time. Not only is a night of raiding available to see on youtube but I also stream and make the logs public so feel free to look us up.

Contact Info:
Feel free to message me for more information via Bnet: Screwzluse#1592 or anyone within the guild that you see online. You can even reply to this post.