923 BrM - experience in high end progression focused guilds.
915 Resto Druid - experience in high end progression focused guilds.

We're East Coasters looking to raid between 7 and 11pm EST.

Progression (Ours & Yours):
We both took a break half way through mythic Nighthold after our team fell apart. We're back now and looking to raid at a casual/semi-hardcore level. Keep in mind we're still catching up on ToS content.

Ideally you're clearing at least normal each week and working on progressing through Heroic. AOTC is our goal and hopefully that aligns with yours. Mythic bosses are considered a bonus to us and not a necessity.

Other things:
We both tend to be active players and enjoy mythic plus runs and pushing keys. So if you're guild also does this then we're super stoked

We're not looking for a bunch of ego maniacs. We're looking for a good group of folks to progress with.

Server Xfer is fine
Race change - might be ok but we'll have to really make sure it's a good fit. We're open to it though.

Let's talk? seltzers#1850