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    You are describing a glove box.
    Look it up and then try if you can rent one or something.
    Yup, that was my immediate thought as well but it is a rapid decrease in size from the room he described.

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    Was thinking the same thing :P

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    Hmmm I see I might be better off building a dry box as opposed to doing it in a room then

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    Unfortunately the details of the experiment/project are confidential. The room idea was just one that was floating around but reading through the replies I am starting to think that constructing a some sort of box with a smaller volume might be the way to go. I would require access to it but don't need to necessarily get into it to work. In a nutshell I am testing the effects of <5% humidity on certain living organisms.
    Well I can tell you already that lack of moisture in the air has no inherent effect on most living organisms of any considerable size. Places like the Atacama desert or Antarctica, which have next to zero percent relative humidity, still have animals and plants that live their just fine.

    Extreme temperatures are what makes those areas inherently dangerous; not so much the lack of water in the air. The atacama desert can dehydrate a person swiftly because it's easily over 42 degrees celsius in the daytime causing water and sweat to evaporate. If it was a balmy 21 degrees celsius, it would hardly be an issue.
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    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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