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    Question Let That Be Your Last Clue

    Name of the new expansion: you can try, but never guess

    • You will not have time to catch your breath. The black army has long been here, and you didn’t see it, lurking behind the burning shadow.
    • The circle closed and the stars went out.
    • Thank the lord of ravens for his gifts.
    • Once he already lied.
    • The king of diamonds blindly believes her words.
    • The third death is coming.
    • This is for my son!
    • Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it. Yes, yes, yes!
    • Do you think it's horrifying? This is just the beginning of your nightmares.
    • Thank the lord of the ravens for these five gifts.
    • We create new covenant, the better than Horde or Alliance.
    • Her wrath is comparable to his, and they have common goals now. Only he does not know about it yet.
    • They need a new Twilight Father. You know him pretty well, sir.
    • My children are rushing from the depths.
    • It was a mistake to entrust this thing to a pirate scum.
    • I gave it to you for a great feat, but now I return it as my lady ordered.
    • Stained-glass windows don’t lie. Never.
    • Our strength is in the blood. And let us not leave their blessing in these dark days.
    • The prophet would not have lied, right? Yes, no, I'm talking about another.
    • What about a really big bad voodoo?
    • His sacrifice was in vain. Alone, in the middle of a cold emptiness.
    • I chose the Abyss. Will you follow me this time?
    • Our revenge on their kind is not over. There are still two out of five.
    • Mortals have the right to know the fate of one who was forged by fire.
    • Someday I'll fall. Or already fell.
    • My true strength is not in the army or the sword, but in the crown.
    • All hands on deck! Hell... it's about time.
    • Now you travel the sea, then to ascend to the sky.
    • The Realm of Shadows is full of cries of pain. Your cry will join this choir.
    • The serpent saw her. He's on his way.
    • What can be purer and sweeter than the soul?

    New playable race:
    • It's an honor to receive the gift of wyrm skin from you.

    • Draenei: stay with us, who forged by light.
    • Dwarves: true iron is hidden in the darkness.
    • Night elves: high bloodline - high responsibility.
    • Others: it's only the beginning!
    • Not all of us despise our children, and someday we will stand with them shoulder to shoulder.

    • Orcs: purity is the hope for redemption.
    • Undead: not only the humans became Forsaken.
    • Taurens: the winds of winter call us.
    • Others: it's only the beginning!
    • You are not the Horde without us.

    • Where did she go? Something is wrong.
    • Our wisdom in these depths
    • Praise the god of the depths!
    • Where did the bananas go?
    • Is it possible to lose what has already been lost?
    • Let the Loa tell us the way.
    • They say, it was a city under the city. But the deeper lies the more evil place.
    • Where does the ruined way lead?
    • Under the frozen ground, only death awaits you. Our brethren are also ready to meet you.
    • Ny’alota is a fairy tale for fools.
    • You were so close to touching the great. And you need to swim a little more.

    • You'll never guess whether it's true or not, until you see for yourself.
    • Don’t expect news in the near weeks.

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    Nice fanfic, did you post it on your blog too?

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    Now there's some time well spent..

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    Name of the new expansion: you can try, but never guess

    Then it has no name.
    but never guess means you cannot get it either wrong or correct.
    "You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation."

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    I actually like this, even if it ends up crap, it gives some speculation.
    For the Alliance, and for Azeroth!

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    Most of those clues aren't even that hard to guess :P

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    An expansion is no one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thilicen View Post
    Now there's some time well spent..

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    would work relatively good for the black empire leak. but who knows...
    wednesday will show...

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    Name of the new expansion: you can try, but never guess
    The Black Sea.
    It became clear that it wasn’t realistic to try to get the audience back to being more hardcore, as it had been in the past. -- Tom Chilton

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    WoW: The Storming Leak

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    World of Warcraft : YOU STILL HERE?

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    At least you tried to copy the chinese leak format, 9/10. Not chinese though, and no reason for a good english speaker to take such a weirdass format.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, I'd take it as a personal offense if Dragonsworn becomes a race instead of a class, wtf is up with that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulwind View Post
    An expansion is no one.
    An expansion needs a name.

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    World of Gamescom : 7.3.5
    Quote Originally Posted by Tonus View Post
    Anyway stop being such an ass fucktard.
    Quote Originally Posted by oblivium666 View Post
    Would you kindly go fuck yourself?

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    I like the part where they took stuff from other "leaks" and tried to turn it into a riddle, so that anything can later be applied to it. So clever.

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    Haven't really read a lot of the OP but a quick glance at some things basically shows they're just simplified/reworded versions of the whispers you can hear from Il'gynoth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemah View Post
    An expansion needs a name.
    An expansion has no name.

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    Maybe you should translate this to Chinese and back to English so it sounds cryptic instead of obvious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemah View Post
    An expansion needs a name.
    World of Warcraft: The Search for More Money
    When in doubt, simply ask yourself: "What would Garrosh do?"


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