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    No, people on both sides seem to be bad beyond what youd imagine to be possible.

    And I always get Temple or Gilneas...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raakel View Post

    I had this idea to have one or two new BGs free of objectives and more like a round (two out of three to win / 15 mins max) based team death match. Let it happen in a terrain with a lot of obstacles, fog, LoS to make it interesting and quick.
    We already have team deathmatch. It's called arena. But yes, maybe it would be good to have another queue so the moronic ADHD kids that can't sit a base or open a map to find the EFC can go into a 10m or 15m clusterfuck and play for topping DPS and KB meters.

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    Not particularly.

    I want to finish off my PvP transmog set before I have to spend 12 marks of honor to do so in 7.3. Kinda hard when we keep loosing/when I win I get a shitty piece of 860 loot that obliterates for only one Echoes of Battle.

    Also sick to death of the Temple of Kotmogu.

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    Just spent another evening playing curbstomp battles in 10 man BGs. Makes me miss besieging the keeps in IoC during WotLK.

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