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    When did using a font become an offense?

    When did using fonts provided in the response window become an official offense? I'm not reading anything in the rules that state using the tools provided by this site can earn an infraction.

    Quite frankly I see it as no more than hearing an accent when someone speaks. And I see it as adding a personal touch to posts.
    If this is wrong, then I would encourage the owner of the site to get rid of those tools provided when making a response.
    If people don't like the font used...there is the "ignore" option.

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    Which mod got triggered by font, Crissi or Endus?

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    Just talking about the font you even used...it looks terrible on this background. Comic Sans isn't exactly an amazing font anyway, but it's terrible in large quantities. And if you're going to use it, expect people to hate on it.

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    We already talked to you about this in a PM, so I'm going to close this here.

    The TL;DR: for others: We have maintained rules about usage of special fonts, special text colours and other text options since the inception of this forum. The fact you have the option does not mean we allow the use of it in day to day posting. We never have.

    From our posting guidelines: http://www.mmo-champion.com/faq.php?...les_guidelines

    "Limit the usage of CAPS (capital letters), color, and special fonts"


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