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    Deathwing was plated in the strongest metal on Azeroth. He was a dragon, containing both Titan power and enough corruption to make him gigantic and functionally immortal, with tests on his blood in quests confirming his cells restore from pretty much any assault. Deathwing only has 2 weaknesses:

    1. His corruption is too volatile, and his form will lose cohesion without his armor.
    2. Utter annihilation of his body by overwhelming force aka Dragon Soul. (Or the life-ending Hour of Twilight)

    That's.. kinda sick. Even if you have the power to beat him apart, he survives. Even as a mass of burning flesh and tentacles and madness, he'll keep coming at you.

    Now does Aggramar have the power to break Deathwing's armor? I think so. So it's a question on if this Aggramar avatar can unmake Deathwing.
    I think he can. In fact, I think only a Titan like him can. The Dragon aspects had to pool all their Titan-given power into a single artifact to unleash the true golden power they were designed for, to annihilate Deathwing and stop the world's end. That power was by Titan design. And so I think Aggramar can charge up power like that as well, to destroy a vulnerable Deathwing.

    Can Deathwing destroy Aggramar? I'd say yes too. He is not a creature of flesh any longer but corruption clad in elementium. The very elements of a world, twisted. Aggramar too is a foe we don't manage to kill. Like the Titan bosses in Ulduar, he'll just submit eventually. But with his immense power, size, strength and tools, I think Deathwing has the power to destroy Aggramar's new lesser body.

    So, then what it comes down to, is fighting skill. That's very hard to judge. Aggramar has battled demons, yes. For ages. But he's far from their size. Other than through avatars and sparring, his fight with Sargeras may be the only life or death fight he's ever hard himself. As for Deathwing, he has done battle, yes. But with fellow dragons, not humanoids.

    So, we're looking at intense battle of two extreme powerhouses. Each not experienced with this type of enemy. And given their toughness, we may be looking at a battle that rages on for very long indeed.

    My final judgement for a victory goes to Aggramar. Deathwing is stronger, but he also has more blind spots. He couldn't even touch us on his back. And his armor keeping him intact is just something that Aggramar will definitely use. Once Deathwing falls apart, he'll still be an unstoppable glob of fire, corruption, tentacles and steel scraps. But two legs should give Aggramar all the mobility he needs to weather Deathwing's attacks in his Madness, until Aggramar can gather the power to annihilate him completely, Dragon Soul style.

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    Strangely, Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden may actually have more of a shot against Aggramar. This Aggramar, while mind-controlled, doesn't appear corrupted with fel. At least, not at the moment. Meaning that he should still have the weakness to fel power that enabled Sargeras to defeat the Pantheon single-handedly. So while Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden may be significantly weaker than Aggramar and Deathwing, their attacks may be comparatively stronger because they'd exploit a major weakness of Aggramar. Unfortunately Aggramar has an advantage over them. They are so big that they seem not to carry any weapons, relying on claws and spellcasting, while Aggramar does have a powerful sword as well. I guess the demon lords just aren't anticipating to face anyone of their own size, and have thus specialized on taking out small armies. That seems a fatal mistake, to me, when facing Aggramar. I doubt they can survive long enough to burn down Aggramar, even with their fel advantage. They're lacking in toughness, as even the Heroes of Azeroth manage to take them down.

    As for the Lich King... He is the ultimate mortal-killer. In taking on mortals, he is probably superior. But his gear is breakable, his scale small, and there's no way he'd be a match for even his creator, Kil'Jaeden. He's super-deadly to mortals. But far less so to greater beings.
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    Someone at BioWare said it best a couple of years ago:
    "You could give the player a [Magic Hat] that would give them the exact gaming experience they ever wanted, and they would still complain about the colour of the hat."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    Stronger than Lich King. Maybe as strong as Kil'Jaedan, but not Deathwing level. Hes an avatar or severely weakened.
    He's more like a reconstruction even. Pretty much on par with Lei Shen or a little stronger being that it's a new version of his body with his own soul.

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    One thing that must be taken in consideration here is that Aggramar isn't at his full power right now. Were he a complete Titan? I am certain he'd be able to kill all of these opponents. However, we are facing a fraction of what Aggramar's power actually is, as his orignal body was broke by Sargeras thousands upon thousands of years ago.

    I believe Deathwing would be taken out but it would be a troublesome fight regardless.

    I believe Kil'jaeden actually would have the most trouble against him as Kil'jaeden is more adept at deceiving his opponents. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a very worthy and powerful foe but I think that Kil'jaeden would lose to Evil Aggramar. Kil'jaeden while was also powered up by Sargeras I don't think he would have the best experience in one on one combat - if Kil'jaeden had his pawns on the chess board this would be different.

    I believe Archimonde would prove the most challenging to Aggramar both in size, strength and intellect. For once I don't think he would be as arrogant as he is with mortals I think he would go all out and not underestimate Aggramar even once. This one would be the closest of all the fights here and I do think Archimonde would win out all of these opponents. Archimonde was also empowered by Sargeras so I think that would be a bolster to his power.

    Lastly the Lich King, while the Lich King is the most fearsome, bad ass, and most creative story in World of Warcraft. I do not think he would last long against Aggramar, even if Aggramar is at a fraction of his power he would squish the Lich King like a bug and all of his scourgelings.

    Pairing such bosses is a difficult to decipher who would win. But that is how I would see it. I think it also depends on location and the scenario itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Shi View Post
    Deathwing is the weakest of the 4.
    He's the strongest actually.

    In Cataclysm he is as powerful or even more powerful than the Dragon Soul, which is why Nozdormu had to betray his masters and mess up the timeline to even have a chance of defeating Deathwing at full power. This same Dragon Soul is one of the few things that even the Legion feared, including Archimonde and Kil'jaeden.

    Arthas is the weakest by far. Next Kil'jaeden and Archimonde. Deathwing's power rivals that of gods. We needed severe deus ex machine powers to defeat him.

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    Deathwing is the strongest easy.

    Not sure where i would put Agrammar since he is in a new body and kinda lost his titan status with it.
    If he now is just above titan keepers i would put him on the 4e place behind Deathwing and the demon brothers but ahead of the Lich King. Lich King is not that strong his power comes from his army not from his 1v1 battle strength.
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    Because we don't have any actually solid info about how much weaker Titan's Avatar is compared to actual Titan and what is The Unmaker even is technically (Newborn Titan? Unborn Titan's Avatar? Actual Titan, but small?), Deathwing might very well be the strongest enemy we've ever faced in WoW by far and Aggrammar's power is up to speculation. He has a broken part of a sword than can cleave planets, but it is also very small and it is unclear how weaker it is now compared to its prime.
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