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    Not sure why it triggers people so much. I have an account but I think I've only ever tweeted for contests. Other than that I check it occasionally to see whats up with some musicians and stuff.

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    Twitter's always been a cesspool.

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    A poor platform for anyone looking to have discussions or a way to vent their thoughts. Twitter's character limit, and it's extremely strict, yet biased system will allow blatant racism remain without punishment as long as it's against white people, or establishments. Even if it can be considered a death threat, or violates the system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beardless Man View Post
    it's extremely strict, yet biased system will allow blatant racism remain without punishment
    Wait that's not how it is at all...
    Quote Originally Posted by Beardless Man View Post
    as long as it's against white people
    Oooooh riiiight.

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    I use it for business a lot, I've met a lot of people in the industry using it which is fun. I purposely don't tweet anything controversial though, I put on my work face. Nobody wants my opinion on BLM for example.

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    Never used twitter before...
    Was never really on my radar or something that appealed to what I like to do online as far as social media is concerned

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deruyter View Post
    Twitter was dying before Trump became president.

    It's also a Social platform hardly anyone uses in the Netherlands.

    A few years old, buuuuut...

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    Quote Originally Posted by efhtkgjgk View Post
    Your thoughts about Twitter?

    I cant tell you how much i loath twitter but i cant deny its possibly the most powerful website on the planet.
    I'm with you. I despise Twitter because it has further dumb-ed down social interactions and discussions (which already happened with other social networks since they are echo chambers and meme-factories) but I can understand its allure to people... Not much to do, I wish journalism distanced itself from social networks though, it's rather stupid to fill articles with tweets and FB posts, as if every TV-report would consist of street interviews alone :/ Not saying they should ignore the people but perhaps start doing real journalism again.

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    It one of our main forms of broadcast-based communication. The quality of it's content depends on the people using it.
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