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    ye it gives a great refreshing feeling and there are slightly different win rate for skins if you check more details
    The skins which posses clear advantage are either fixed or baned in pro play. Overall, the biggest ofender was ashe techno skin which made her ultimate almost invisible.

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    Stop necroing this shitty thread.

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    Well, of course, the game itself is interesting, but in some skins, I feel more comfortable playing on the champion and easier to navigate the game. I don't know how it works.

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    I understand visual clarity of the new Jinx & Jayce visual effects but they are seriously removing the character of them...

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    Skins add a bit of variety to the game. Of course, the gameplay in League of Legends does not change in any way, teammates still remain stupid garbage (((.

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    Of course, with and without skin is very different!

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