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  • I am uh LOL!

    3 10.34%
  • I am surfing the net and scratching.

    13 44.83%
  • I was sleeping YA JERK!

    3 10.34%
  • I am contemplating life and my existence.

    10 34.48%
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    Field Marshal AsGryffynn's Avatar
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    Sep 2018
    Looking at a list of conspiracy theories and putting aside those which haven't been or cannot/I cannot be debunked/debunk for later reading or theorizing...
    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Bolivar
    The US seems destined by providence to plague America with torments in the name of freedom.

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    Watching pony episodes I missed premiers of for one reason or another.

    And being on MMO-champion, apparently. Wait, how did I get here? Damn you, internet!

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    Reposting my auctions and browsing MMO Champion/Reddit. I'll probably get into bed soon but not be able to fall asleep.

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    Atm, typing this. But I was playing stellaris,
    while watching Am GM Hikaru Nakamura throw chess games on his channel.

    Also pondering whether or not I should give into my nicotine addiction (im out.. again).
    I hate it and want to cut down on my use/ addiction but at the same time I love it and know I wont be able to sleep without nicotine.
    Yea think I will drive, I am too weak.

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    Trying to get started in life.

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    I am watching Limitless and drinking Jack) What can be better...

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    I'm watching youtube and then will read a book.

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    i am downloading a game in APKnite since CHplay does not allow me to download that game due to the country where i am at. pretty frustrating, and the wifi is suck too, just go through the web why waiting for it

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    listening to the music...

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    Banned MaGoGo's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    United Kingdom
    Watching Investigation Discovery!

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    Talking shit on FB

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    Just got home from work, gonna roll a huge joint then jump in the shower.

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    Started watching American Gods, enjoying it!

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    Brewmaster Ayirasi's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    CA, USA
    On holiday, exorcising some demons and browsing MMO-Champ.
    Need Roll - 1 for [Bright Pink Imbued Mageweave Banana-Hammock] by Ayirasi

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    Merely a Setback Adam Jensen's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Sarif Industries, Detroit
    Trying not to fart.
    They ask me why I'm bringin' - A baby into battle - That's really irresponsible - And getting them rattled
    I say "give me a break - Get off of my back damn, it" - I didn't learn parenting - My daddy was a planet

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    I'm watching Hellboy
    Not as bad as people make out, story is a bit limited and fairly limited but the cast make the most of it and I think it’s probably a bit more true to the source material.

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    Up before the house and my brain won’t stop running around the hamster wheel. So I think I’m going to finally watch Venom

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    Grunt kloraff's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Atlantic Canada
    Trying not to fall asleep at work.


    Fun times

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    I'm surfing the Internet.

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