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    They do stack. For example, you have 2 x "Torment the Weak" - you're getting 3000 Vers during Concordance. 2 x "Shadowbind" does twice the damage per proc, and so on.
    torment the weak gives a stacking shadow damage dot, not a vers buff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by datredphoenix View Post
    torment the weak gives a stacking shadow damage dot, not a vers buff.
    I dont remember the names, sorry, but hopefully you get the idea.

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    Are those numbers in Icy Veins correct? Torment of the Weak is worth 14 ilvls according to it. That's insane and makes getting an upgrade almost impossible if you have a relic with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    I thought it was strange a couple days ago that unholy wasn't present on the melee DPS adjustments coming Tuesday. Not because unholy is weak (it certainly isn't), but because the class doesn't really scale well with weapon damage, and lets be serious, sub got buffed and that spec certainly didn't need help (despite it not scaling super well with weapon damage either).

    So I guess the reason it wasn't there is because they re-adjusted the second tier crucible talents. They nerfed some of the values by 10-20% and buffed some of the other ones. Apparently they scale with crit and damage modifiers that are applicable, and they also scale with haste. Due to their complete random proc rates, it's unrealistic for warriors/rogues to actually take advantage of these procs due to how the specs are played, and how their damage windows are short. Unholy doesn't have this problem, and if these values are truly going to scale with mastery, it's a pretty massive buff and likely makes unholy absurd with this tier of talents.
    1. compare sub and dk on mythic.

    2. compare sub and dk on hc.

    3. check weapon ilvl scaling. 0.15%/ilvl for sub.

    1. and 2. are after the buffs btw

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