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    Remove professions as they are now and bake the items into the loot rotations, weekly rewards, or just make stuff purchasable with the obscene amounts of gold we get these days?

    Professions as they are now, seem to be generally denounced on my server (Wyrmrest Accord) as relics of a bygone era. They exist only because Blizzard thinks we need the nostalgic feeling of mass producing greens and blues for a week to be able to make 2 or 3 items or 4 to 6 enchants of value.

    Obviously making professions matter requires effort and "resources" (whatever that means) on Blizzard's part which they certainly have no inclination to give at this point, so why not just do what they always do and "bake-in" professions into vendor items or special micro-holiday prizes?

    If anything, I would LOVE to see professions mean something to our characters, but there are a LOT of things I would love to see that will just never happen, so in true blizz fashion, take the easy road and just put this system to death and move on.

    Do you agree or do you actually find some meaning in these "professions" or, as I like to call them, a negative waste of time?
    They need to make crafting relevant again. An example is to have Normal, Heroic or like Mythic raid crafting materials. If you kill a boss in lets say Heroic Antorus, you get a lets say "Argus Heroic Ore". With 5 or 10 or w/e Argus ore you can craft like a 950ilvl item, slot and armor type depends on profession. Same for like "Argus Mythic Ore" that give Mythic ilvl items with enough ores. This combined with more "traditional" crafting materials would be a good system.

    Most professions rewards are completely useless to anyone who raids more than LFR...
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    The also need to have Engineering make a Legendary like the rest

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    I think removing them is being a tad meladramatic. They do need some love for sure. I also think the gearing progression needs some love also, this could help fit in a nitch for profession gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazuchika View Post
    Yeah it sure was great doing a bunch of pointless quests and dungeons just so I could get flask recipes and then having to do them again on every alt I wanted that profession on just to benefit from the mixology perk.

    I just love when the game wastes my time at every corner because they're determined to make you spend as much of your time doing utterly tedious shit as humanly possible
    It was great doing a bunch of interesting quests and dungeons that gave the recipes a little backstory and then not doing the same ones on every alt because I wanted diversity so I actually wound up leveling alts of multitudes of professions I had never seen in my life purely to see their nifty questlines and what else I had been missing out on all these years. Mixology really isn't that big of a deal considering cauldrons get dropped in the raid every two hours since not everyone has alchemy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sosua View Post
    The also need to have Engineering make a Legendary like the rest
    Legendary Gunshoes. +5000% speed, blasting through the world like you strapped [Falling Flame]s to your feet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hakujinbakasama View Post
    Well I'm convinced none of the devs play the game or give a shit about anyone who likes professions. There is no other clear example of this than Inscription.

    Blizzards methodoly on this topic and nearly every other seems to go like this...

    This isn't perfect what should we Do?
    Scrap the whole thing.
    Shouldn't we just make adjustments?
    No fuck that, too hard.
    Ok but then what?
    We will just create something New!
    What happens when that needs adjustments?
    We will scrap that shit too!!!
    I agree. Blizzard is great at making one-time relevant content than just dumping for something else. The mission table is one of the one thing they've used in two different expansions.....

    Why couldn't you just tie raiding dropping items than you use to make gear with professions? And who gives a rats ass if you can stick it up on auction house and someone can make gold and buy gear. Never understood that primsis..... Its like they think that if all the best gear is BOE all raiding would just stop happening.....

    Sometimes I think that they just need to go away from having items drop and just go the route or having items drop that you use to make other items to upgrade the Ilvl/stats of the gear.....

    The way you look is just tied to transmog..... which new looks could just be tied to professions as well... or drops to make those professions....

    All of this buying and trading of upgrade items and gathering the mats.... hell with zone mathcing your level you could make it so you have to gather copper to upgrade something as well...... This above would bring back some social aspect to the game... amke guilds more meaningful... and get rid of CRZ bull crap and bring back server community....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    It was great doing a bunch of interesting quests and dungeons]
    Yeah you're right. Go into Maw of Souls, pick up an item and kill the last boss sure was interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazuchika View Post
    Yeah you're right. Go into Maw of Souls, pick up an item and kill the last boss sure was interesting.
    Surfing around on my gunshoes was interesting. I now use those obsessively on my level 1-40 alts despite their price. Finding the original recipe for the Blingtron was another really memorable moment. Apart from that I think what I love the most is just how much sass is thrown around between the various shop owners, all assuring you that theirs is truly the BEST profession.

    Oh my god the alchemist was the worst about that.

    "Fine! I admit, even my considerable intellect can't translate the strange tome you discovered. No doubt the water smears made it illegible.
    Say, one of those dimwitted scribes down the block owes me a favor. This sort of busywork is just his cup of tea."

    "The leyflame burner you brought me is useless! This is why I never trust an engineer.."

    Then meanwhile over at the engineering department you have them lamenting about their massive stockpile of guns they made for the expansion before they found out that everyone and their mother is using artifact weapons now so they have to find comically creative new uses for them. Gunshoes? Gunpacks? Gun helmets? What could go wrong?
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    Removing Professions = No fun in the game and would ruin the aspect of what a RPG/MMO Game is.

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