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    What game do you have the most hours on?

    Hello champions! So, it is always good to play a good game - The market is full of those. But some games are so good, or so addicting, that you just keep coming back for more over, and over, and over again.

    So, that raises a question:
    What game do you have the most hours on?

    Mine is probably Ragnarök Online (I played everyday from 2007 to 2011, 4-12 hours a day). Good times!

    I also have a big amount of hours on WoW, Guild Wars 2, DotA 2, Hearthstone and many other MMO's. These kinds of games just take up all your time.

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    WoW by far
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    WoW, followed by Civilization 4 followed by probably Civilization 2 followed by something like Steel Panthers 3
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    WoW, hands down. I think it's around 4000 hours I have in WoW.

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    If we go with MMOs it's probably WoW followed by GW2. If we are talking not MMOs then it's most likely DAI because I added the time up from all my playthroughs and it was just over 700 hours.

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    Monster Hunter across the whole series, no question.

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    Final Fantasy XI. Immediately after highschool I didn't have a job for roughly a 1.5 years, and I did nothing but play. For the first six months or so I never left the house, ever. Most addicted I ever was to a video game. I played for about six years total, rarely taking breaks to play other things. 2005-2007 is probably the most nostalgic I'll ever be for a video game. I don't even regret it, I wont get another time like that until retirement.

    If you're talking offline, probably Final Fantasy Tactics. I replay FFT several times a year, because with FFTPatcher and FFT1.3 there is literally endless ways to replay it. I've been playing FFT since I was 12, I'm now 29.

    If you're talking one long playthrough, Fallout 4. I have a file with like 37 days logged or something, which is about right (900~ hours). I did absolutely every quest, farmed for the best gear, and I played on Survival mode(no fast travel). The reason I was able to stick with it so long was because I made an ironman character (Never died once on hardest difficulty, never reloaded if something didn't go my way), so I was somewhat emotionally invested. I had to start over a lot to pull it off. Between ALL my files I probably logged well over 2500 hours.
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    For MMOs, WoW easily, but since that's no fun I'll list some top played games outside of MMOs

    #1 - Skyrim (around 2k)
    #2 - Civilization IV/V (around 1800 between the two)
    #3 - Payday 2 (1200)
    #4 - Stellaris (800)
    #5 - Spore (650)
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    Aside from MMOs (everquest and WoW),

    Skyrim, Mount and Blade Warband, and Xcom2 takes the cake.

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    Excluding MMOs, 200 hours in Witcher 3, 107 hours in Persona 5, 102 hours in CoD: MW2 are my top ones that I remember

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    X-Com: Terror From The Deep.

    This is a game I have played on my downtime at the various offices I've worked at.

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    Probably got 1500-2000 hours on Medieval 2 Total War, mostly with the Stainless Steel mod, hard to tell with the old ones as it was way before i had steam
    692 hours in Rome 2
    544 in Attila
    659 in Warhammer Total War

    Alot is afk time to though.

    Yeah i like that franchise

    Then plenty in the old ones like Medieval 1, Rome, Shogun 2, Empire and Napoleon.

    I just love anicent/medieval battles and history, though you are making your own history for the most part, and the 50-50 real time and turn based system.
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    well i am not going to count MMORPGs, i have shit ton of hours in witcher 3, fallout 4, dragon ages, and xcom enemy unknown

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    1.) WoW
    2.) Rift
    3.) Battlefield 3/4
    4.) Call of Duty MW2
    5.) Civilization 4/5
    6.) Heroes of Newerth
    7.) Dragon Age 1/2/3
    8.) Witcher 3/2
    9.) Skyrim/Oblivion
    10.) Fallout NV/4

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    I have no way to track how many hours I spent on Diablo 2 back in the day, but I probably spent 4-5h a days for 5-6 years, give or take. Sometimes more, sometime less.

    But one I can track is WoW, and it is by a huge margin the most played.. I have over 600 days /played, and I deleted a lot of caracters with the years...

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    Neverwinter nights 1
    Baldur's gate 1-2
    Fallout 2

    Don't know which I played most.

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    1. WoW; somewhere just over 600 days total /played
    2. FF14; just over 100 days /played
    3. GW2; ~2000 hours played

    Non-MMOs (in no particular order):

    - Morrowind
    - Neverwinter Nights
    - Perfect Dark
    - Smash Bros. (original + Melee)
    - Ogre Battle 64
    - Super Metroid
    - FF6

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    according to Steam it's Portal 2 at 1402 hours (but it doesn't seem to accurately record when playing offline which I've done a few times when my internet's been down). WoW is probably higher across all of my characters but I probably played more Morrowind than both of those

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    Not counting MMO's and idle games, probably Diablo 3 as I played it a ton when it first came out.

    I played through Final Fantasy 9 and 12 multiple times, so probably 50 hours each time or so adds up.

    I probably played just as much Diablo 2 and Starcraft back in the day as well. But without any concrete numbers, I have no idea.

    I don't really play any of those games that either drag out several hours on purpose, or are open ended enough that you can play almost forever, like the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series. So on Steam, a lot of my games don't have a lot of hours played. The most I have is just over 100 hours on Rogue Legacy.

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    Warcraft 3
    Baldurs Gate
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