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    WOW! Got her on the first try!

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    Hey everyone! I tried to finish my challenge appearances on my rogue now that 7.3 is out and I tried Agatha as an outlaw rogue. As many know this fight is really insane because of Roll the bones rng. I could barely keep up with the damage as roll the bones because I'm never lucky rubber ducky as I'm sure many of you are too :P. So the only times I even got close to 5-10 mill which i did several time was with slice and dice and it's consistency. So I thought I would help you guys out so you can complete all your challenges!

    My ilvl: was 921 with outlaw, I used Will of Valera pants and Insignia of Ravenholt. During the rest phases with no adds you can heal up using the pants and the Insignia does a lot of damage. Other legendaries may be better but I never play outlaw so I have none.

    The consumables:
    Crit food (vers might be better but I just had it so I used it.) Flask of the seventh demon. Two potion of prolonged power and drums.

    Swordmaster, Acrobatic Strikes, Deeper Stratagem, Elusiveness, Dirty Tricks, Alacrity, and Slice and Dice.

    Fight Cooldowns:
    Save cds for the adds always or you will never make it. It's important to rotate all your cds including drums and prolonger power. Only use them with the umbra imps and other imps come up not during her cast or the imp masters. This is the key to sustaining the fight and get swarmed. The other tip is to make sure to pool combo points whenever she is about to do a cast. So when adrenaline rush is down and dreadblades use hero and potion etc. Without this you will just not have the damage unless super geared.

    Add importance:
    So some people say imp masters first but I say fuming imps. If you kill every fuming imp you will have an extremely easy time. If you don't like some other people do then the patches will really hurt when you're moving or trying to kill adds standing in them. They only explode when they get close so u can keep distance till your ready to kill em also use gouge and stun on em. Then I would kill the imp masters only if shes not casting her spell do damage to that first. For the imp masters you can gouge one and stun the other don't chase them when they first come out let them come to the boss so you get more dps time on the boss. Then Umbra imps which make her immune and lastly smoldering imps which do a lot of damage to you.

    If you truly master the fight you will eventually get it. I spent maybe 5-6 hours on this over two days. I got her to 6-10 mil many times but just fell behind and failed so I decided to do every mechanic correctly and had a much easier time. Good luck!

    Okay! Not entirely accurate title but after following the wowhead guide for MONTHS and then coming here, I stocked up on all reccomended potions, but on the reccomended leggos, and went in, started the fight WITHOUT putting on the food/elixer you recommended but with JUST the talents/leggos I killed her the first time I followed this guide.

    I was so happy I made an account on this site just to post this.

    10/10 would recommend > wowhead guide

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    I'm curious whether the meteors spawned for you. They did not spawn for my fire mage. Hey, I figured it was some kind of mage thing but, no, when I looked at an old video, there were indeed meteors. Made the challenge fairly easy. On the negative side, I didn't two shot it because it felt super bugged, shield went up, stayed up, and no umbral imps around. Weird stuff.

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    Why are gimping yourself with using SnD? Especially for the mage Tower challenge you should be playing as optimal as possible, so pick MfD.

    That being said, I don't think that Will of Valeera is any good, as the energy cost for feint is too high for it to be worth tbh (if you don't have any Other legendary)

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    I did it in bracers and without pants but that was back in the day. Now, I think any legos will do, pants and prydaz and slice and dice mean no thinking at all. It's extremely easy. My guildmate wondered where the challenge was...I mentioned there are supposed to be boulders but I don't think that would have particularly bothered her and she never plays outlaw these days at all. It's extremely hard for those of us who sturggled with it to understand how easy it was. I blasted through it with fire mage and I know nothing about the class--boulders would have been SLIGHTLY more difficult but in 943 gear... She just cant' take our inflated damage output.

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