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    Ilvl needed for Antorus LFR?

    I've tried searching the usual forums to see if I could find an answer as to what ilvl will be needed for Antorus LFR, but can't seem to find an answer.

    Has it not been decided yet? Or was I a nincompoop and didn't see it?
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    It's gonna be 890ish, in Legion LFR ilvl requirement is a min ilvl dropped - [10, 25], so it's 915 - [10, 25] for Antorus, but I don't think they'll set it to 905.

    Currently it's set to 860, but it's a PH value.
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    considering how easy it is to get to 900 i'm gonna guess 890

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    I second 875. No way will they set it any higher than 885, because it doesn't make sense for Tier N to require a higher average item level than what drops in tier N-1.

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    I agree with 890.

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    I agree with 890.
    i would assume around 890-895 - mainly due to how easily achievable 910 gear is in argus.

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    Whatever ToS LFR drops, maybe 5 ilvls higher

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    890 would make sense, It's stupidly easy to get that now anyway
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    Like 0 afk stand dead in the corner, fap idk what ever lfr raider do. The boss will die anyways.

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    I bet on 885

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    Like 0 afk stand dead in the corner, fap idk what ever lfr raider do. The boss will die anyways.
    He is asking for the minimum ilvl to be able to queue LFR, not the ilvl needed to kill the boss

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