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    Yea for sure. Atm im running cloak + highlords but im wondering if Belt + Highlords would end up better long term.
    Belt+Highlord's is only better if you're running 4-set plus 2-set together since the cloak takes up a tier slot. Otherwise, Cloak+Highlord's should be better with only 4 tier pieces on. You'll have to sim though, but Cloak+Highlord's is still the best combo, it's just the tier set juggling that makes belt a better option.

    This right here though is the no. 1 reason I'm ecstatic about the announcement of no tier sets next expac.
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    Oh yea, i never dealt in that multi tier crap. I shouldn't have to farm old content for relevant pieces. So i said screw it.

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    So, do you think worth to drop 915s T20 pieces (no luck on WF/TF at all) for 2 pieces of T21 with some off-Tiers?

    Last time I checked it was not an increase to me, but used Belt + Liadrin Ring. If planning to use only 4 set of T21 and abonden T20 what Legendary combo is the best you think?

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