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    (Get ready for some entertainment but please note this is mealy the ramblings of someone that has played too much Europa Universalis 4)

    We return to Azeroth as heroes everything settles. A new age of peace begins and the Horde and Alliance develop economic ties. We get a pre-patch that does timeskips showing the developing world. From the rise of Gadzetzan to the development of centres of trade.

    With the alliance and horde in a time of peace. They settle their disputes in prestige, wonders and developing industry (goblin heavy horde / gnome heavy alliance). On the Verge of a new golden age the Alliance and Horde compete to circumnavigate the globe. Whilst on the Journey a new Continent is Discovered. Rich in resources and uncivilised people ready to join either of the factions. With the world ever so competitive we have a rise of "Factionalism". With the burden of bringing Civilisation and Magic to this new "Dark Continent".

    The whole style of the continent would be that of the Neogene perioid a time of Large animals:

    Players would become Colonial Governors tasked with Expanding their faction control further into the continent whilst undermining the opposing faction. There would be PVP areas in each zone (BG Balance not World PVP) that gives the faction either a Trade Route or Indigenous ruins/buildings/villages to look over.

    We would have a Governors Office (Only part instanced) in a faction frontier town where we send Scouting parties. Unlocking Zones and Treasures as Time goes on. We would be mapping doing true exploration. Hidden valleys walled off completely until either machinery arrives (later patch or something) Or someone on the realm discovers a way in (Realm First: FoS achievement). The town would develop over the course of the expansion. Flying would be unavailable at the start of the expansion due to air currents caused by an angry air elemental that can be killed by a raid group later on in the expansion that would drop an item. You take that back to your factions town and use the wealth of your developing town and trade routes to construct a tower channelling magic to help calm the weather. (Easy and short and no grind)

    Weather would be important as this would be an area known to tropical storms, cyclones and hurricanes. Natural disasters would be rife in this untamed area of the world. Affecting the zones, whilst blocking paths but possibly giving temporary new ones to unexplored areas. (weekly/monthly events). Disasters such as plagues, coldness would be influenced by the time of year, allowing all sorts of shenanigans.

    Trade routes would be merchants going ahead into the unexplored deep regions (zones later added in patches, "Tales of a city of Gold?"). Reaching indigenous people and trading goods for the good of your faction.

    This expansion would be completely about the Alliance and Horde there would be no major overhanging bad guy other than the colonial actions performed by the other faction.

    An idea of what one of the raids could be would be something like the following.
    The Safari: Hemet Nesingwary and his posse have gone mad. Taming a bunch of creatures from the wild to hunt the only true sport, the sentient races of Azeroth!

    (Yeah this went on a lot longer than I expected so, I think i should sleep.)
    Edit: remember this was satire, I couldn't think of a worse enemy than sargaras other than ourselfs and a colonial Imerial agenda. So please don't be offended.
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    South sea, kul'tiras can be part of it but i am far more interested to see Zandalar then Kil'tiras.

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    Kul Tiras, Old Gods. I want a customizable sailing ship that's kind of like a MINI floating garrison. Make it how we get around. Let us customise the sails and the crew. Introduce some cool ship-to-ship PVP combat.

    What I DON'T want is every single thing in the expansion from crafting to PvP to be inexorably linked to the single expansion system to the point we get abjectly disgusted by it by the end of the expansion. If they handle it like they did with class halls I think we'll be OK.
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    Completely new.

    New races.
    New places.
    New faces.

    It'd be aces.

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    Gimme Azshara and N'zoth.

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    So today's mounts I think point more towards airships being the next garrison/class hall feature for this xpac.

    It'll be interesting what they do with them if that is the case

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodraw View Post
    There is no other side of Azeroth. Where is this even coming from?

    Is there another side to planet Earth when you see a 2D representation of all the continents?

    OT: I'd like to see the Old Gods/Kul'tiras/Zandalari South Seas pirate-y expansion.
    Yep, and when we (white europeans) discovered it, we called the other side "the americas"

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    I'd rather see a new expansion on a new engine about the Horde vs. Alliance simply because I dislike seeing the same skeletons for animations being reused over and over

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    id like the old gods expac first then the "other side of azeroth" xpac after.

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    Kul Tiras/Old Gods is a good idea. somehow we have to work up to the point we kill sergaras.

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    You missed a trick, though. I would say, the other side but with Kul'tiras.
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