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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCrossed View Post
    Many people have a single subscription based game they pay mothy for, and WoW has been this one for many.
    It creates a sense of attachment and simultaneously prods you to log in so as to avoid a feeling of "wasting your money".

    Do you feel something like this? How could this be overcome if ever?
    I played the Turbine games LotRO, Eberron, then other ones like Guild Wars 2, Everquest 2 and Rift - they are good but not superb like WoW.

    Is WoW different just because of the subscription or is there something even more to it?
    WoW is a Blizzard game. The ones you mention arent.

    I dont see why wow would go f2p. I see absolutely no reason for it

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    IDK...a lot of F2P MMORPGs suck, imo. I've tried a ton of MMOs and many of them cannot reach the scope of WoW in terms of content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dryla View Post
    And probably that is why the F2P model that wow has chosen is different, but still it is a F2P model.
    I see that most people in this thread are against certain F2P models, specially the most infamous P2W ones, not exactly against wow becoming F2P, because it already is F2P.
    I am against b2p/f2p because the developers really suck the fun out of the game in order to monetize, they have to, or it doesn't work. I don't think about the 50 cents a day it is costing me to enjoy my free time, unless all my goals in a game are gated behind money. Even if it isn't pay to win, the new exciting weapons an armor are not as exciting when you can just buy them, or farm endlessly for gold to get them.

    Gw2 was my first b2p game, and I admit it was extremely fun until they started nerfing drops to profit more off gems. Which I agree is better than 99% of all the other F2P games that sell potions you have to have to run dungeons, or whatever P2W feature they have, but honestly 50 cents a day? Not having to grab my wallet every time a new armor set comes out is pretty nice, besides I like to play for my rewards, not buy them.
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    Does it have to become F2p first ? NO.

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