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    the worst class design in an xpac..

    i hope i miss this..
    this, really only this, just as i knew i won't miss WoD i know i won't miss Legion, if next expansion will be as shitty as Legion is ill quit the game

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    I hope I won't miss anything as the next expansion wil be even better.
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    When an orc eats an orc, two orcs rip out of the orcs stomach, they eat each other and a brand new orc walks through the door, and then his chest explodes and 20 full grown orcs crawl out of his body. They then eat each other and the bodies until there are 3 orcs left. The mystery of the orc reproduction cycle.

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    The Order Halls and Artifacts. Not because I enjoy spending time grinding with 'em, I just like the areas and weapons. Though, I can, and probably will, mog with my artifacts next expac.

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    I really like draenor mostly because rogue was really fun to play during draenor. the new rogue changes from legion has made me not really think about rogue. compared to draenor id like to take draenor back.

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    Fel and demons. Not.

    Most likely Suramar and the Nightborne. They've been one of the greatest additions to the game in the last years.
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    I've always been really interested in Draenei and their lore, so probably that. This is obviously going to be a culmination of their story, and so we probably won't see much of them for quite some time. While it's exciting to see the end of (most of) their struggle, it also means something else will probably be taking the spotlight next.

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    the start, when it was new, fresh, fun

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