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    SJWs > Social Conservatives

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    SJW basically stands for "assholes who hate you if you're a cis white heterosexual male, or sometimes not even any of those things".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antiganon View Post
    I don't know where you got your facts, but that is not pro-abortion. Additionally - NOBODY is pro-abortion. NOBODY is in favor of abortion as the best choice that people can make. It's terrible. Nobody wants to do it. People are put in a situation where the options are to raise a child they can't afford, give up their child to strangers (and incur very high medical risks along the way), or never have the child. People are pro-CHOICE, because they want to be able to make that decision for themselves, rather than have other people decide it for them. Plain and simple - if you are in favor of putting unreasonable restrictions on abortion (i.e. any restriction other than "is this fetus developed enough to be viable on its own outside the womb?", then you are not pro-choice.
    To be clear, would you also be in favor of a business choosing not to serve clientele on the basis of race? Or religion? Or national origin? Those are all protected statuses, same as gender and orientation. If I post a "NO WHITES ALLOWED HERE" in my shop window, would that bother you?
    The laws are in agreement with you. First safe country. People trying to get around that are violating the law, and should be deported (back to the first safe country they were in). Wealth seeker refugees are a problem, but it is a difficult one to prove. Who am I to say that you left Iraq to come to the US to seek fortune rather than fleeing a warzone?
    The law is on your side here as well. Race is a protected status; you can no more deny a white person a job because they are white than you could a black person for being black.
    ....did i talk about facts??? nope.... And if you read my could have read that i was talking about stuff i am both left and right on.

    you say allot but i do not care. I said my opinion about abortion. I do not know what to call it otherwise. But i am not pro life either...meaning they should never abort. So yeah pro abortion my not be right. Then i am not pro choice in your rhetoric. But in general rhetoric i fall in between everything. Because i really think people should have a right to abort but not complete right. You talk about not being able to pay for it...its bullshit. If you do not want a baby you should not have unprotected sex or abort before you are 6 or 7 months pregnant . And yes there are allot of grey area's. But if you had like 1 , 2 or 3 abortions just because you did not want the should not have unprotected sex. And if you in your great "wisdom" read my opinion about it. If there are any other reasons abortion is okay. And about 2nd trimester thing if the change for most baby's to survive after that time abortion should not be a option ( again their are exceptions). But if you willingly...or not using protection get pregnant and then choose to abort that late you should really think about the next time.

    So to some up..seeing that you can not read: abortion is okay in in allot of situations. But if you are just risking it, and you do it several times. You should not be able to abort if you have not valid reasons. ( i am talking about late abortions) if you abort everytime in the first trimester or even later....its her/their choice. I am talking about start 3th trimester...( sorry if i was not clear on it)

    on lbgtq: to your question: Yes. And we have a right to protest that company. We have a right to go on yelp and give in negative reviews. Its their company...if we force people to accept our way of thinking are we better then nazi's etc?? nope. Lets put it this your opinion i could enter your home...even if you say i can not!?!?! I agree with you that it should not happen....and i agree with you its racism, discrimination etc....But there is no line in this. In your rhetoric child sex offenders should be able to go into schools....
    We either except individual rights...or we enforce general rights.

    *side not...i do think ANY company get ANY money from a government should accept EVERYONE and service EVERYONE!!! Even if the government only pays for the suger cubes.

    Yup i agree its difficult to prove. And there have been cases of people faking being hunted for being gay just to get into country's. But apperntly you think i am a monster and just want to deport all of them. I am not.....

    I do not care about the law. I think every sane person would like to get a job not because of there race, gender, religion etc but because they are wanted. And i also think every sane person knows that diversity does not mean black or white, women or men, old or young...And the general talk about its is black vs white. Male vs Female.
    only in Hawaiian 5-0 and hellboy there was talk about asian diversity. And you never EVER hear people talk about transgenders in high places...

    Btw i do not care about the law...these are opinions. And yes i sometimes right things very black and white in these post...But if i want to talk about every option my reaction would be 12 pages long.

    To explain some more things: I am part native american ( 1-18 or something near it), part Romanian gypsy ( also small part), i run around with allot of non white people, my sister is married to a women and has a child.If i would draw you a family tree. Most of the ( if not all) of the Game of thrones family lines would be very easy in-comparison. I am bi sexual ( believe me its worse in most cases to be bi then gay.... i say i am gay sometimes just to make it easier). I work with people with down syndrome etc. And i have worked with refugee's and help them. I am also a chronically ill. So believe me...i have had racism, discrimination to me or my friends/family. I know how it feels to be judged. And i know how it feels not to be seen as a whole person.
    Its the internet so things might come over black and white...but i am very grey on some subjects. Because i have seen it go both ways . Meaning extremely not allowing things or extremely forcing things...both are not okay.

    Lastly i was responding to a person who makes this WHOLE thread about People being sjw and trying to start a discussion about it...while its pretty clear he was being a A-hole towards women....

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    So after 17 years of gaming, your largest complaint is being called sexist?
    I'm not racist, I merely have a tolerance deficiency

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mijen View Post
    So, I lean left on most of my opinions but I'm playing GW2 and mention that over the last 17 years of MMO gaming I have encountered a HUGE amount of guilds that have a mostly male core with the exception of a couple of females who a lot of the said males are trying to "eBang."

    I immediately get jumped and am told that I am being sexist... toward females!

    What the hell? This is a thing that definitely exists. I've seen it at least a dozen times personally over the years. And if it didn't exist wouldn't it be more sexist towards males?

    Rather that explain they just told me I was a bigot. I ask "So, you have played MMOs since vanilla WoW and have never seen this?"
    No reply just I'm a bigot and "you can't just can't explain logic to bigots."

    Can anyone clarify?
    Their issue is probably that they assume you think the only reason the girls are in the guild is because the guys want to "eBang" them and not because of merit. Wrong of them to assume it without you actually saying it but it's an issue a lot of female gamers come across so it's not exactly surprising they might be a little sensitive about it.

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    Someone holding the opinion you are a bigot does not make them so-called social justice warriors. This is a foolish conclusion.

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