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    Simply my experience and my opinion with my casual raids since MoP, i dont raid mythic/10,25hc since then, people join those guilds very often because they are happy to see the content in a somewhat challenging but not frustrating way, the moment you go a notch higher people loose interest when it gets frustrating, soon thereafter only 18-17 people will show up and your in the neverending deathspiral of your guild dieing.

    Many times the Leadership/officers are not on their A game either and way underestimate the responsibilities of managing a healthy 20 man roster.

    I mean if his whole raidroster is willing to give it a try more power to him, im just trying to get a different PoV for him on the situation.
    Course, thats a fair point,

    But I just mean, everyone doing any format of raiding has to start someone where, from a new player get anxious clicking LFR que for the first time, to a guild progress onto Heroic or mythic, It's a challenge for everyone regardless their position, but if they all want to try mythic they've got to do it at some point. And if people do drop out then its back to heroic,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotted View Post
    Again, something else I don't understand. Why not bother recruiting the raiders now so in a few months time you might actually have a shot of attempting mythic? Otherwise he's going to be in exactly the same position in a different raid x amount of time down the road. You've got to start somewhere.
    This guild is worse than the average pug. There is no shot at pre-nerf mythic.
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    You are a carbon copy of what you long so hard to fight in the streets. An extremist. Someone so desperate for strife to prove you are the ubermensch, err, Real American.

    Alt lite. Sounds like you're having an alt fright. Unable to sleep at alt night. Maybe you should relax and fly an alt kite. Go down to the diner for an alt bite. You shouldn't be treating people with alt spite. Eventually, everything will be alt right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotted View Post
    Recruit - even if its lowbies and bring them up to scratch, run em through NH heroic, ToS Normal and Heroic. Progress as normal in the new place, clear normal, get heroic on farm then hope you've done enough recruit so you have 20 people.
    It gets a bit tiring after you've geared 10+ people that obviously didn't bother gearing themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuxNeva View Post
    It gets a bit tiring after you've geared 10+ people that obviously didn't bother gearing themselves.
    No doubt, but I don't know about you, but we used to screen potential guildies by having them complete an app online, then we'd go over it and examine everything from how they wrote it to raid experience in the past to even achi points.

    You quickly filter out whose who and legit interested that way.

    Besides, if its a choice of that or not attempting higher raiding - and you're doing that farm content regardless you may as well take a risk.

    As I say I know you can get time wasters but atleast you're being pro active

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewOU2015 View Post
    Hey guys,

    My guild was struggling on heroic KJ but now we are killing him in one raid night. Sadly we don't have 20 people that can make the raid on time. I really want to try mythic but I love my guild and don't want to leave.
    Tbh, if you killed hc KJ now, after 3 months, heroic IS the target difficulty for you. If you like your guild, stay there. You can always farm it on alts as a guild when everyone's mains are geared, to avoid the feeling of "we aren't getting any character progression anymore".

    You can also pug some mythic bosses (first 3 preferably) on a side, when it doesn't collide with your main guild, on my server there are several lower-mythic guilds that are short on people and pug spares from trade.

    But tbh, stepping into mythic so you maybe kill 3 bosses... not sure if it's worth the hassle, the gear is barely better than hc, you risk your friendships in the guild if you either leave or try to drag them into it when they don't feel comfortable with it. And there isn't really that much sense of accomplishment that you dipped toes into mythic - but if you disagree, go on, pug them, maybe you'll feel they're for you after all.

    Just as a comparison, 2 guilds I know, one is 7/9 mythic, cleared hc in 1 week, another is 5/9 mythic, killed hc KJ in the second week after it opened. For target mythic raiders who actually stand a chance in mythic, heroic poses little challenge, even though neither of these guilds are close to finishing mythic after months of progress. So if you found hc KJ hard enough to beat him now, mythic is probably gonna more frustrate you than actually be fun.

    You just need to ask yourself, what would you gain from dipping toes into mythic and is it actually worth the hassle of either pugging or leaving your guild or trying to recruit / pug extra people into your guild. Personally I think in the case of you and your guild, it's probably not worth it. Heroic is tuned just around the guild like yours, poses challenge at start but finally gets beaten after the nerfs / crucible.

    You can always plan some other guild activities just to chill and prepare for the next tier - it's gonna be there in 2 months tops. Things like alt runs or m+ or maybe some achievement runs even in old raids etc.

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    You cut back your raid week. We went from three days to clearing Heroic in one, then doing an alt run the next day, and the third raid day was cancelled. The server we are on is too dead to put together a reliable Mythic team and most of the guild refuses to server transfer... so we wait. We may take a break before Antorus comes out, which always sucks - as you are sure to lose people permanently doing that.

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    I've been there, it's related to why I stopped playing wow.

    I kind of became a "AAAA" player. Heroic is too easy and there's no place for me in mythic.

    Blizz has designed the game so that anyone who wants to play mythic has to schedule their life around it, has to be part of a huge guild where either you're in the core and spend a massive amount of time keeping up a roster, or you're on the periphery and you have to schedule your time around wow but you might get sat on raid night anyway because you really need 25 people to keep a solid 20 man raid going.

    I'm a reasonably skilled player who wants to play randomly when I have time. There's no place for that in WoW. There has been in the past when they opened up crossrealm and you could actually pug mythic, but they've shut all that down so I'm stuck. They've made it perfectly clear that they don't want players like me.

    On the transition... I've been in guilds that try to transition from heroic to mythic cause heroic is so easy (it took me 3 weeks to fully clear gul'dan hc as a pug), and they always collapse. They don't have 25 people they usually have 15 and then quickly recruit 6 unreliable scrubs. Then there are a lot of wipes. Then 2 people don't show up and you have 19. The next week, 3 people don't show up. The following week, 8 people. And it's over.
    Quote Originally Posted by Iyatsu View Post
    This will never happen 99% of the time.

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    mythic recruitement is the biggest barrier between heroic and may take up to a full tier to get a stable advice would be to start recruiting now to be able to raid mythic in Antorus.might seem rough,but getting a stable team takes time.once you'll start being able to raid mythic every week though,the raiding machine is on full swing,and you'll be able to face most obstacles

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    Recruit or keep clearing on one night a week for the next 9 or so weeks until Antorus. We're in the same boat, had ONE night capable of doing Mythic a month or two back and killed Goroth and like 2 pulls on Harj (nearly killed it) before someone had to AFK out due to illness/other people just taking breaks and we've not been back since. Recruiting is awful atm, so good luck to you.

    wtb 10man Mythic /sigh
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    Either relax and enjoy life and raid 1 day a week for 2-3 hours, or try to recruit or merge with a guild having the same problem.

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    As a heroic group when we get the instance on farm so that we can clear it in one night successfully on many resets, then we'll drop our second raiding day until new raid comes. People can PUG mythic if they want to, level alts or have night off. Cause at the point when we usually get the last boss of HC in current tier/raid down we have plenty of gear for next raid's normal difficulty .
    Taking time off or raiding with alts is a nice relaxing thing, specially if you cannot recruit/pug for what ever reason to get a mythic group going. Keeps people "fresh" for next tier and lessens people dropping off the radar completely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fayenoor View Post
    How many players short are you? If you are in a good server, you can pug 2-3 DPS and do Goroth and Harjatan. Alternatively, you can talk to your guild and ask them if you can raid Mythics with another guild while waiting for next tier.

    We are in a similar boat as your guild. We have 17-18 consistently. We have a couple of raiders from other guilds who regularly raids with us.

    The last option is to wait till they open x-server mythic TOS.

    Recruitment kinda sucks for casual mostly heroic/some Mythics kinda guilds. Raiders are either super hardcore and want to go to complete Mythic guilds, or they are so casual, that they don't care to move at all. No country for the middle men.
    By the time you can do that we will be in another tier and it will be far better then ToS mythic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewOU2015 View Post
    Anywhere from 5-8
    I would push to recruit for stuff now if you could. At the very least try to bolster your numbers so you can do mythic in the next tier which is most likely 2 months out. One of the downsides or raiding mythic is you can very easily end up in a spot where you are constantly recruiting. Sadly doing that adds to the burn out of some people and fuels the issue further. My guild often runs norm or heroic to check out new people at times that has taken its toll on some raiders. Realistically if you want to do mythic every week you will want more then 20 people so you are covered when people miss. Depending on when you guys got your first KJ kill the first 3 in mythic are way easier, so if and when you jump to 20+ you should easily knock a few bosses out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonus View Post
    Blizz has designed the game so that anyone who wants to play mythic has to schedule their life around it
    Doesn't that hold for every kind of team activity? If you are active in any sports, and are selected for the team, you turn up for the weekly practices and matches. It is weird people wouldn't think of questioning this for soccer, basketball etc., but for WoW suddenly it becomes like an over-impeding commitment? You want to be part of a team, any team, then you trade some 'freedom' in your time for commitment.

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    We're just doing raid achieves till the next raid comes out. Mythic is a pipe dream for now

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